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User:Flippywhippykippy ban

Hello ReedemtheD3ad.
As a wiki guardian of this wiki I do want to express my huge disappointment in your recent action (ban) against the user User:Flippywhippykippy. The stated reason for the ban has absolutely nothing to do with the wiki. The person requesting the ban has nothing to do with wiki activities.
I'd want to remind you that wikis are separate entities to the game and when the developers start to enter the grounds of wikis this may cause a conflict of interest. The ban issued here was issued without prior warning for the user, it is a global block on entire Gamepedia, the wiki administration (yes, me) wasn't contacted at all, no discussion was issued on community portal or anything.
I do admit that the user have sent at least 2 images that don't belong on the wiki. However in my experience the two images should not be a base for indefinite Gamepedia global block.
I believe this block wasn't the right call and I request further discussion or reverting the block and using the right path for handling the situation.
Best, Wiki Guardian Frisk (talk) 15:13, 2 April 2019 (UTC)