Super Animal Royale Wiki

Plan of action for modularizing the wiki:

Currently modularized templates:
- Tempalte:Rarity

To be modularized:
- Template:Raritybg

To be created:
- Template:Season rewards
(for generating list of season rewards, need to have XP required, tier, item, if the item is free)
- Template:Cosmetic list
(for generating list of items based on specified category, for example: pistol skins, gun skins, hat cosmetics etc.)

Required technologies: Scribunto
Nice to haves: LuaSandbox

Things to consider: We will require a list/table of all game items with their rarities so we can easily generate lists based on categories. This requires enormous effort to compile such a list. Possibly help from devs?

Current issues with the modules: Doesn't have double sorting so it could group similar items, doesn't have ability to assign custom name per item (for example season reward tickets can have different amounts of tickets as a reward)