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„Muuum, it's not a phaaase, I really am an antropomorphic devil goat enthusiast” skin

About me

On Fandom

I'm a SOAP member.

On SAR wiki

Came here to help out, also for my personal experience and enjoyment.
Helping out with managing the wiki. Member of wiki team and Animal Army on the SAR Discord server.
I mostly take care of technical stuff on the wiki, with end goal of making the wiki item display fully managed by Lua modules.

My work

Favorite update

Normally I wouldn't write about such trivial things buuuut.... 0.96.5, Super Goats and Dart Gun update. Absolute game changer. Best update in entire game. GOATS. G. O. A. T. S.



Discord: @Frisk#5980.


Feel free to leave questions and problems on my discussion page.


User:Frisk/Weapon comparison – Stat comparison between many weapons
User:Frisk/TODO – List of personal tasks to do
User:Frisk/newmainpage – new mainpage demo to be completed some day


Help:Templates – Template list