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Welcome to Thomas's workshop

Welcome to Thomas's Workshop!

Thomas's Workshop on map

Thomas's Workshop on the map.

Located on the north eastern side of Super Animal World on the map, Thomas's Workshop is a sub location in Thomas's Tundra. East of Super Penguin Palace and north east of S.A.W. Research Labs, Thomas's Workshop is one of the smallest sub locations in the game, with only two points of entry/exits on the eastern and western sides of the workshop, respectively. Genius inventor, Thomas Sleddison lives here, and it's where they create new gadgets and weapons that super animals can use on the battlefield.

Thomas's Workshop is not an ideal place for players to initially drop to as high tier loot generally doesn't spawn in this location, and with only two points of entry/exits, it's easy to get ambushed by enemies. There are Crate-wooden Crates behind the display cabinets players can break to get some Pickups. On the western side of the workshop, is an open S.A.W. marked Storage container which contains loot and also acts as a great hiding spot. Located around the outside of the workshop are snow covered houses players can enter to find more loot. On the western side outside the workshop are storage containers players can look through to find more loot and a few campsites with Campfire Campfires to restore health. To the north of the workshop is a frozen lake players can go to complete any Skate on Ice (Meters) daily challenges.

There are many Easter Eggs in this location, such as the Super Animal Royale Tonight desk table in SAR Tonight Season 1, Episode 7 that Donk Patrick and Howl Michaels reported from for that episode. On the eastern side of the workshop, players can see 6 display cabinets that contain; an opened red umbrella, a gallery target from the Super Shooting Gallery in S.A.W. Welcome Center, a green sniper, a hamster ball, a Bodyarmor level 3  T3 Armor, and something that was presumably stolen from the final cabinet in the bottom right cabinet (possibly from Rebel forces). On the western side of the workshop lies Thomas's sleeping quarters and the workshop space they use to make new Weapons and gadgets.

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