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The Bwoking Dead promo artwork

Promotional artwork for The Bwoking Dead

The Cluckles are spreading rapidly.
Avoid all Zombie Joes and wait for evacuation.
May Banan have mercy on us all.
On-screen text at the start of a round.

The Bwoking Dead (also known as Infection mode) is a limited time game mode in which survivors attempt to escape zombie-themed Super Chickens known as the Cluckles, who are attempting to infect every animal in Super Animal World. Upon dying, survivors turn into Cluckles themselves. The game mode was released alongside the Super Howloween 2021 event.

Gameplay[ | ]

At the start of the round, on-screen text appears informing the player about an infection known as the Cluckles, which is spreading across the island. The Bwoking Dead is a squad game mode, but instead of fighting each other, squads will work together to escape the island. Players wake up in random locations scattered throughout the island with their squad. After a certain amount of time, four randomly chosen players will suddenly turn into zombie Joe clucks, and can attack and infect other survivors. Survivors who end up dying (no matter the way) will respawn as a Zombie Joe after a while. The Mole Delivery Mole appears more often in this mode, delivering stronger weapons to the survivors, and serving as a rally point for both the survivors, and the zombies, whom can swarm the survivors gathering near the mole.

In this mode, the "Need help!", "Danger", and "Go go!" pings can be heard and seen by any player in the team.

Goal[ | ]

After the final skunk gas circle closes, an evacuation zone will appear and a countdown will begin. Survivors must make it into the evacuation zone before the countdown hits zero to escape and win. The goal of Zombie Joes is to infect all 40 survivors before they evacuate.

Zombie Joes[ | ]

Bwoking Death zombies

Regular Zombie Joe (left) and red Zombie Joe (right)

Zombie Joes look like zombified versions of the super chicken. The first 4 Zombie Joes infected at the start of the round will turn into red Zombie Joes. The advantage of red Zombie Joes is increased health (130 HP compared with 100 HP of regular Zombie Joes). Red Zombie Joes also have a higher chance of infecting survivors with 1 hit (10% chance for regular Zombie Joes compared to 15% chance for red Zombie Joes).

When killed, Zombie Joes respawn in the gas after a short amount of time. Zombie Joes are immune to Super Skunk Gas from around the Circle of Life. Their movement speed is increased and while out of combat they also regenerate 5 health points per second. Zombie Joes are only able to attack at close range with scratching attack, which deals 33 melee damage with 10% armor penetration. They are unable to pick up any items like Icon Guns Guns or Icon Powerups Powerups, nor are they able to use vehicles such as Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls or Emu idle 000 Giant Emus, but they are able to collect Candy Corn and other event items.

Infecting survivors[ | ]

When a Zombie Joe melee attacks a survivor, it has a chance of infecting the survivor, guaranteeing that they will turn into a zombie within 10-20 seconds, without having to kill the survivor. Without Icon Armor  Armor, a melee hit has a 10% chance of infection from a regular Zombie Joe, and 15% chance of infection from a red Zombie Joe.

The first hit from a zombie against a survivor wearing armor will always have no chance of infection. The second hit in a row (defined as 2 seconds since the last hit) against a Bodyarmor level 2  T2 Armor has a 4% / 6% chance of infection. Against Bodyarmor level 3  T3 Armor, the 2nd hit has a 2% / 4% infection chance, and the third hit against a tier 3 armor has a 4% / 7% chance.

When a survivor is infected, they’ll see a 10-20 second countdown to when they’re going to turn, and Zombie Joes will see them tinted green. Other survivors won't know about this, so they can use the element of surprise to try and infect them.

Respawning[ | ]

Unique to this game mode, when a player dies they will respawn. Players will always respawn as a Zombie Joe, spawning at the edge of the Super Skunk Gas, popping up from underground. It will take 10 seconds to respawn in the early game, 14 seconds during mid game, and 16 seconds during late game.

Tracking survivors[ | ]

The Bwoking Dead Footsteps

Footsteps left by survivors, they last for about 4 seconds

Zombie Joes are able to locate players using more sensitive hearing. They detect nearby gunshots which are indicated both on the map and on the corner of the screen for other Zombie Joes to help find survivors. Detection does not happen when the player uses any of the following silent weapons: Gun bow default Bow & Sparrow, Gun crossbow default Sparrow Launcher, Gun-silenced-pistol grey Silenced Pistol or Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun.

Zombie Joes can also sometimes track survivors by their footsteps, even through walls. This can be avoided by equipping Attach-ninjashoes Ninja Booties. This effect can also be replicated by sneaking if you find yourself without Ninja Booties.

Explosion[ | ]

Bwoking explosion bar

Zombie explosion bar more than halfway filled

When Zombie Joes hit survivors or emus, or eat mushrooms and coconuts, they will charge up an explosion that will damage any survivors caught in the blast. Zombie Joes which are fully charged up will also change appearance to have green blobs on them. The current charge of the explosion is visible as a bar over the health bar when the player is a zombie. The explosion deals between 30 and 45 splash damage, and armor protects against half of the damage.

Weapon piercing[ | ]

Some weapons can pierce Zombie Joes and damage more than one of them.

Pierces 1 Zombie Pierces 2 Zombies

Other changes[ | ]

  • There are 3 Mole Delivery Mole drops and they bring more loot than in other modes.
  • Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls and Emu idle 000 Giant Emus have reduced spawn rates.
  • Barrel-explosive Explosive Barrels do not damage teammates.
  • The number of players infected at the start (vs bots) is dependent on the number of players in the match.
  • Disconnected players will become bots, and if they were survivors they’ll be infected with The Cluckles and become a Zombie Joe within 10-20s.
  • XP rewards are different than in other game modes. Kills as Zombie Joes grant 35 XP, while kills as a Survivor only grant 4 XP. Winning as a Survivor grants 150 XP, while winning as a Zombie Joe grants 1 to 100 XP depending on how long you were a Zombie Joe.
  • Kill, Win, and Damage related Super Milestones do not progress when playing.
  • Kill Super Challenges only progress while you are a survivor in this mode.
  • NPCs are not present.
  • Players who are holding the Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun or Dogna's Grey Dart Fly Dogna's Dartfly Gun can see the health bars of other survivors.
  • Skunk bombUI Skunk Bomb is unobtainable.

Survivor Tips[ | ]

  • Avoid straying from other survivors - the more survivors there are, the better their chances of survival. Straying away from a squad makes one an easy target for the zombies.
  • Share resources with other survivors. Well-equipped survivors can better help the team survive, and being greedy may provoke other players into targeting you if they become infected EVEN your own teammate.
  • Packing lots of Icon Throwables Throwables can save your life and the lives of other survivors.
  • Try to use a powerful weapon with a high fire rate such as an Gun-ak grey AK or Gun-m16 grey M16. Using slower and/or less powerful weapons may cause you to get swarmed. Gun-shotgun grey Shotgun and Gun jag7 JAG-7 are very effective against zombies at close range.
  • Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun is an important weapon to have in case your squadmates lack Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice. It also applies to survivors who are not in your squad.
  • Emu idle 000 Giant Emus and Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls can greatly increase your survivability, so make sure to use any you come across.
  • If you got infected and don't want to give the kill credit to the infector, one can use grenades, explosive barrels, or Lucky Cat Mines to suicide via explosion. The killfeed will display that the player killed themselves, and the infector would not receive kill credit.
  • When the evacuation zone shows up, unless there's many survivors left, do not rush into the circle if there isn't many survivors left as usually many Zombie Joes will be in the circle. Instead, wait around for a bit and roll around to dodge zombies until the last few seconds before immediately going into the circle to catch the zombies off-guard.
  • If you are overwhelmed by Zombie Joes, you can use a zipline to zip away from them. The zombies can use the ziplines too, and survivors will have the advantage as they can shoot at them as they zipline.
  • Listen for grass cutting sounds when fighting Zombie Joes, you can tell where they are thanks to this sound cue.
  • If you find valuable resources like Level 3 Armor or a better weapon and you already have them yourself, ping them so your squadmates or other survivors not in your squad can retrieve it.
  • If you find a mole crate that's suspiciously untouched, stay cautious as player controlled zombie joes will camp the crate and use it as bait to bait survivors to it.
  • Jump Roll constantly with your melee out. As Zombie Joes are quite fast and can catch up to you if care isn't taken.
  • Blue Mushrooms are your best friend here, as you can gain a temporary speed boost for retreating if the fight against the zombies aren't in your favor. And they can stack if you eat more than one.
  • Player controlled zombies and AI controlled zombies move very differently. AI controlled ones will usually run in a straight line towards you, while player controlled ones move erratically and is hard to hit.
  • If a crowd of zombies are chasing you down, grenades are useful for throwing directly into their movement path. This can net you 4-5 kills if you time your throws carefully.
  • Usually, many greedy survivors will crowd around mole crates and try to yoink weapons for themselves. So stand near them and mash the pick up button. More often than not the other survivors will not be fast enough to grab the legendary drops.
  • If you are chased by the crowd alone, dash to where the survivors are holding out, they'll usually manage to mow them down easily.
  • Don't underestimate the zombie's slash attack. Even if you are clearly out of their slash range. They will still manage to hit you sometimes, effectively air-slashing you.
  • Greedy survivors will sometimes park Emus on top of the mole crate drops. If you try to pick up the weapon, you'll ride the Emu instead, effectively robbing you of getting a good weapon. Kill the emu or hit them once to scare them away from the drops.
  • Greedy survivors will also throw bananas on the drops, making you and everyone slip as they take the drops for themselves. Throw some grenades at the peels to destroy them.

Trivia[ | ]

Bwoking Glasses

Infected Super Animal retaining their accessories.

  • The name "The Bwoking Dead" is a play on "The Walking Dead", a well known comic and television series about a zombie apocalypse.
  • Survivors often accidentally shoot other survivors who use Char chicken-resources.assets-3337Super Spicy Chicken, as Red Zombie Joe has a very similar color palette.
  • In SART Season 2 Episode 4.5, infected Super Animals were known to retain their accessories (such as glasses) when becoming a Zombie Joe, however, that feature wasn't implemented in the game.
  • If you hid the UI by pressing F1 (by default) before the game starts, you could see your starting point before the game starts. It was later patched at the next update.

Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Quick chat pings will now display in-world for your extended team in SvR or the Bwoking Dead game modes (previously, they were visible only on the map and minimap).
  • Lowered Zombie Joe respawn times to get players back into the action faster.
  • Zombie out of combat health regeneration is now 8 per second (up from 5).
  • Zombie explosion meter now fills up 15% from hitting emus (up from 10%), and 10% from edibles (up from 5%).
  • Event collectibles (ex. eggs during Respawning Day) now only spawn in the survivor-safe area of the skunk gas circle during the Bwoking Dead game mode.
  • Getting a kill as a zombie now counts towards melee kill milestones and stats.
  • Bot survivors in Bwoking Dead will shoot zombie bots more quickly.


  • The Bwoking Dead game mode introduced.

Gallery[ | ]