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Template to display the rarity, in a color that resembles in-game rarity colors, but better fits the wiki style.

Gallery usage

To use this template with gallery images, include it right before the item's name.

File:Gun-shotgun grey.png|{{rarityicon|common}}Default Shotgun
File:Gun-shotgun purple.png|{{rarityicon|uncommon}}Purple Shotgun
File:Gun-shotgun pink.png|{{rarityicon|rare}}Pink Shotgun
File:Gun-shotgun orange.png|{{rarityicon|special}}Orange Shotgun
File:Gun-m16 golden.png|{{rarityicon|special}}Golden [[M16]]


Normal usage

The template can also be used outside galleries, but each icon will be placed on an individual line.

The [[M16]] exists in the following qualities:

Output: The M16 exists in the following rarities:


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