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Bunny Cutting Tall Grass.gif
Char-rabbit-brown.png Super Bunny cutting Tall grass to uncover a Health Juice pickup.
Tall Grass Saharaland.png
Wheat-shaped Tall grass in Super Saharaland.
Bamboo grass.png
Bamboo Tall grass in Bamboo Forest.

Tall grass can be cut with the Melee weapon, Claw Boots, or using Giant Emus peck to potentially reveal items, such as Health Juice pickups, throwables or ammunition pickups. Whenever a pickup is revealed, a sound effect can be heard.

Currently there are three types of tall grass:

  • Tall green grass, usually found in the Forest biomes
  • Wheat-shaped tall yellow grass, normally appears in the Desert biomes
  • Bamboo tall grass, appears in Bamboo Forest

The total amount of grass tufts cut is one of the tracked statistics, that can be seen on the Your Stats menu.

The Claw Boots gives any grass cut a 2x chance to drop items, it is a very good source of ammo, health, and bananas.

Super Milestone Rewards

Main article: Super Milestones

Three melee weapon skins can be unlocked by reaching milestones of grass tufts cut. Using Claw Boots also counts.

300 Grass Cut

Large Sickle
3,000 Grass Cut

20,000 Grass Cut

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