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Bunny Cutting Tall Grass

Char-rabbit-brown Super Bunny cutting Tall grass to uncover a Health Juice pickup.

Tall Grass Saharaland

Wheat-shaped Tall grass in Super Saharaland.

Papyrus grass

Papyrus in Super Saharaland.

Bamboo grass

Bamboo Tall grass in Bamboo Forest.

Snowy grass

Snow-covered Tall grass in Thomas's Tundra.

Tall grass can be cut with the Katana Melee Weapon, Attach-clawshoes Claw Boots, or using Emu idle 000 Giant Emus peck to potentially reveal items, such as Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice pickups, BananaUI Banana throwables or Icon Ammo Ammunition pickups. Whenever a pickup is revealed, a sound effect can be heard. Tall grass cannot be found on the beaches. Wheat-shaped tall yellow grass replaces its green counterpart on sandy and muddy underground and in snowy biomes tall grass is covered with snow.

Currently there are five types of tall grass, which differ only in appearance:

The total amount of grass tufts cut is one of the tracked statistics, that can be seen on the Your Stats menu.

The Attach-clawshoes Claw Boots give any grass cut a 2.5x chance to drop items, it is a very good source of ammo, health, and bananas.

Super Milestones[ | ]

Main article: Super Milestones

Three melee weapon skins can be unlocked by reaching milestones of grass tufts cut.


300 Grass Cut

Large Sickle

Large Sickle
2,700 Grass Cut


17,000 Grass Cut
Yellow LockIcon

Sounds[ | ]

Sound of cutting grass