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Super Tutorial

CharacterIcon GovernorMoosevelt Governor Moosevelt explaining the controls to new players.

Enable disable tutorials paws menu

In the Paws menu where players are able to disable/enable the Super Tutorial.

Super Tutorial is an in-game feature that aims to help new players get accustomed to the game's mechanics. It can be toggled on and off at any time in the Paws menu. Whenever a player re-enables the Super Tutorial, the tutorial progress is reset, allowing the player to complete it from the beginning.

The tutorial dialogues are provided by two NPC characters, CharacterIcon GovernorMoosevelt Governor Moosevelt and Quackshot Quack Shot, who pop up periodically at the bottom of the screen to provide players with useful information on the game's mechanics, and certain functionalities of the game. At certain times during the Super Tutorial, one of the NPC characters may ask a player to perform an action such as equipping a Weapon or picking up Icon Armor  Armor. Once the action is performed by the player, a green check mark will appear on the top right side of the text bubble.

Another functionality of the Super Tutorial is that after the player lands anywhere in the Super Animal World during a match, there will be an arrow at the bottom of the player's animal pointing them in the direction to the Circle of Life, and helping them stay ahead of the Super Skunk Gas closing in.(potentially unrelated to Super Tutorial, perhaps move it to the Super Skunk Gas page)

The tutorials and tips cover just about everything new and veteran players alike need to know if they want reach the top of the food chain! Pixile's goal was to make this mechanic as non obtrusive to the player as possible and to teach players the in's and out's of Super Animal Royale as they play.

Super Tutorial Messages/Actions[ | ]

Character Dialogue
Governor Moosevelt Greetings, friend, and welcome to Super Animal World! As your humble governor, I invite you to use WASDPC PS4 Left StickPS XboxOne Left StickXbox/Switch Switch Left StickJoy-Con to explore our Welcome Center.

So much to see, so little time! Move quicker by using SpacePC PS4 CrossPS XboxOne AXbox/Switch Switch BJoy-Con to jump roll.
Fine jumping indeed, friend! Please standby, as the next Giant Eagle will arrive any moment to carry you to the... um... battlefield. Send messages to your teammates by holding Unknown Action! You can also use it to ping items in the battlefield.

Quack Shot Remember, this ain't no day at the zoo! On this island, you're either the last Super Animal standing, or you're a dead duck.

Welcome aboard this Giant Eagle Airlines flight to your likely demise. Use MPC PS4 UpPS XboxOne UpXbox/Switch Switch UpJoy-Con to review our flight path and pick your drop spot.
Since this is your first go, you might want to get some distance from the eagle, and from the big central points of interest.
Pick a spot yet? Close the map with MPC PS4 UpPS XboxOne UpXbox/Switch Switch UpJoy-Con.
When you're ready to go, press EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con to jump!
Try to land near a weapon. Be quick about it, or someone will grab it first. Fall faster by diving with EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con.
Don't be a sitting duck! Pick up a weapon with EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con! You'll need to gear up to survive this thing.
Solid choice! Like a duck in water! Now, when you see an enemy, just aim and Keyboard White Mouse LeftPC PS4 R2PS XboxOne RTXbox/Switch Switch ZRJoy-Con to shoot. Good luck, hatchling! You'll need it. Oof. You might want to redeploy your umbrella next time with EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con before you go splat. Didn't hurt so bad, maybe, but there's no time to waste!
Here comes that skunk gas! You really don't want to get stuck in that, so follow the arrow to the safety of the circle of life.
Looking for an edge? Check out the Shooting Gallery, just north of here. You can practice with different guns before the eagle takes off.
Nice roll, hatchling! Now try timing your jump rolls consecutively to get an extra speed boost. If you see sparkles, you'll know you nailed the timing.
Swap weapons at any time using Unknown Action.

N/A Equip body armor to block incoming shots! It's really important so make sure to pick it up with EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con.

Make sure to pick up Super Tape. It's great for repairing your body armor by pressing Unknown Action!
Walk near campfires to heal!
Rebel Caches are a great way to secure a weapon or level 3 body armor. Open it with EPC PS4 SquarePS XboxOne XXbox/Switch Switch YJoy-Con!
Look out for coconuts along the beaches. You can eat them to recover health instantly!
You can chop tall grass with your melee weapon to find items inside!
You can break crates with your melee weapon or gun to find items inside!

Patch Notes[ | ]


  • Super Tutorial was introduced