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Super Tips are helpful gameplay tips or anecdotal quotes that display at the bottom of the loading screen that players are able to read and learn a little more about the game.

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  • Campfires light up to heal you when you're nearby and injured, but only once per match.
  • Try chopping the tall grass and you might just find some health juice, ammo or even a banana!
  • Low on health or just feeling a bit peckish? Eat a coconut to replenish an immediate 5 health!
  • Time your jumps consecutively (within 0.1 seconds of landing your previous roll) to get a speed boost. You'll see sparkles each time you nail the timing.
  • See something out of place? There are secrets spread throughout Super Animal World to discover!
  • You can carry up to 200oz of health juice, but you'll need to stand still while you drink it so you don't spill.
  • Super tape will get your body armor patched up with a quack! One tape repairs one tick of armor.
  • Crates contain ammo, grenades, Health Juice and Super Tape, so smash away!
  • Watch out for red barrels. Any impact will cause an explosive surprise.
  • Hamsterballs are great for running over Super Animal enemies, but they'll only withstand up to three normal bullets before breaking.
  • Not the keyboard and mouse type? You can also play Super Animal Royale with most game controllers!
  • Don't get caught in the Super Skunk gas! Stay within the ever shrinking Circle of Life to survive.
  • Line of sight shadows cast away from you, hiding Super Animals in the darkness. Listen closely and watch for breaking boxes or rustling grass to track enemies.
  • Super Jump Roll to move around quickly and get out of harm's way, but beware of making too much noise. You can't reload or shoot during a roll, so use it strategically.
  • If you perform a Super Jump Roll during a reload it will cancel your reload, so jump with care!
  • A single shot from a Sniper removes all of an enemy's armor (even tier 3).
  • The Deagle removes 2 ticks of armor rather than 1.
  • The Shotgun has the highest damage of any gun up close, but the worst at range.
  • The Poison Dart Gun ignores enemy armor, piercing through to damage and poison the enemy.
  • The AK is a well rounded, automatic rifle that excels at mid to long range, but an SMG will pack a greater punch up close.
  • The Delivery Mole's Crate is the only place you can find the M16, Minigun, Legendary Sniper and other Legendary-tier weapons.
  • The Poison Dart Gun's duration stacks if you score multiple hits.
  • You move fastest while holding your melee weapon. You'll also be quick while holding pistols. The Minigun and Sniper will slow you down the most.
  • The Silenced Pistol and Poison Dart Gun make very little sound, so they're great choices for sneaky stealth kills.
  • The Delivery Mole arrives twice per game to drop off a crate filled with rare weapons and equipment.
  • Slip enemies with bananas to make them sitting ducks (sorry Super Ducks)! You can also see the splatter of the slip inside fog of war shadows.
  • Skunk Bombs are a great way to temporarily block off an area. Anyone caught inside the gas will lose 13 health every 0.6s.
  • New Super Animals become available to create in the Research Lab every 10 levels until you've discovered them all.
  • DNA magnets can be applied to a Super Animal in the Research Lab to guarantee that you get that animal's DNA for the next three games!
  • You'll get new Daily Super Challenges every 24hrs (at Midnight GMT).
  • Visit the Research Lab from the main menu to combine animal DNA and Super Serum to create new Super Animals!
  • Complete Super Milestones (viewed from the flag button in the main menu) to earn cosmetic items!
  • Be sure to join our Discord server ( for news, community creations, feedback and bugs!
  • Visit the Beakeasy in Giant Eagle Landing to hear the music of famous songbirds like Lady Caw Caw, Kelly Larkson and Blue Jay Z.
  • Do not trust Super Animal Super Resistance (SASR) fighters. There is no rebellion.
  • Praise banan.
  • Super Animal World's Giant Eagles now contain 7% more Duck DNA!
  • Watch Super Animal Royale Tonight on YouTube to see the top plays of the month, submitted by the SAR community.
  • Only team up with your official Duos or Squads teammates. Cooperating with non-teammates (a.k.a. 'teaming') is not allowed.
  • Thank your Super Animal Mods for helping keep SAR a fun and friendly place to play! You can recognize them by their blue names and rulers.
  • Killing devs (purple names) is not worth bonus points.
  • What is a Skullcat?