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Super Tape in game.

Super Tape is a single use item that restores one bar of Icon Armor  Armor upon use.

Details[ | ]

To begin repairing Armor of your Super Animal, you must use the "Use Super Tape" action, by default CPC PS4 CirclePS XboxOne BXbox/Switch Switch BJoy-Con. The process will be indicated by the Super Animal applying tape to their Armor. It will take a few moments, and it's noisy.

While repairing Armor the Super Animal is only able to move at reduced speed, but cannot use any weapons, perform Super Jump Roll or attempt to revive teammates. Doing so will interrupt the repairing process, however no Super Tape will be wasted in the process.

ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion Super Tape pickups disappear after 30 seconds if they are not collected. Bots cannot pick up Super Tape.

Obtaining[ | ]

Super Tape pickups can be found by destroying Crate-wooden Crates, or as a floor loot in most areas. These pickups are automatically collected when you move over them, unless the Super Animal has already reached the maximum of 5 Super Tape (6 Super Tape if equipped with Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier).

Super Milestones[ | ]

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The following items can be unlocked by using Super Tape.

Super Tape Tee

Super Tape Tee
10 Super Tape Used

Super Tape Jacket

Super Tape Jacket
90 Super Tape Used
Yellow LockIcon

Sounds[ | ]

Sound of repairing Armor with Super Tape

Notes[ | ]

  • It takes 3.2 seconds to repair one bar of armor.
  • Animals drop any Super Tape they are carrying on death.

Patch History[ | ]


  • ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion Super Tape pickups will now disappear after 30 seconds if they are not collected.
  • ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion Bots can no longer pick up Super Tape.