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Super Tape in game

Super Tape is a single use item that can restore one bar of armor. Super Tape pickups can be found by destroying crates, or as a floor loot in most areas. These pickups are automatically collected when you move over them, unless the animal has already reached the maximum of 5 Super Tape (6 Super Tape if equipped with Bandolier). like health juice, you are able to move around slowly while repairing your armor, but cannot use any weapons, throwables, roll or attempting to revive your teammates. Doing so will interrupt the repairing process.

To repair armor, you must use your Use Super Tape command; the default keyboard key you have to press for this is C. When you give this command, your animal will begin to apply tape to their armor. The repair process will take a few moments, and it's noisy.

Super Milestone Rewards[]

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The following items can be unlocked by using Super Tape.

Clothes tshirt tape-resources.assets-1606.png

Super Tape Tee
10 Super Tape Used

Clothes jacket tape-resources.assets-4118.png

Super Tape Jacket
100 Super Tape Used


Sound of repairing Armor with Super Tape


  • It takes 2 seconds[verify] to repair one bar of armor.
  • Animals drop any Super Tape they are carrying on death.