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Poison Gas advancing

Super Skunk Gas advancing around the players narrowing the Circle of Life.

Super Skunk Gas, originally titled "Poison Gas", is a damaging gas which causes Animals inside of it to gradually lose health and kills them if their health fully depletes. It takes 6.5 minutes from start of match to when the gas fully covers the island.

Attach-poisonvial Skunk Gas Snorkel increases movement speed within the Super Skunk Gas by 25%, and reduces damage taken from Super Skunk Gas by 10%.

Details[ | ]

At certain preset times, Super Skunk Gas slowly advances from the edges of the map for a set amount of time, to the point that everything outside of the "Circle of Life" will be covered in the Gas. After the Super Skunk Gas stops spreading, the Circle of Life instantly shrinks and after some more time the Super Skunk Gas will start advancing again. Initially, it takes 100 seconds to cover up the area outside the Circle of Life, but as the Circle of Life shrinks, so does the amount of time the Super Skunk Gas takes to cover up everything else outside of the Circle of Life. In addition, the Super Skunk Gas itself will incur more damage to Animals caught in the gas each time the Circle of Life shrinks, starting from minor increments of damage, and eventually culminating in dealing massive damage near its smallest size. This causes the area of the map in which Animals can survive in to shrink in order to force Animals to encounter other Animals in the map.

The Circle of Life is marked on the map on the HUD as a blue circle. When the Animal is outside the Circle of Life, an arrow will point towards the Circle of Life on the HUD, and a blue line to the Circle of Life is also drawn on the map, to assist in getting back inside the Circle of Life. The time remaining for the change in the size of the Circle of Life and the next time the Super Skunk Gas advances will also appear on the HUD.

Effect on Characters[ | ]

  • Super Animals in Super Skunk Gas take damage every Xs. With each narrowing of the Circle of Life, the damage is higher.
  • ModeIcon Bwoking Dead Zombie Joes do not take damage from Super Skunk Gas.
  • Emu idle 000 Giant Emus in Super Skunk Gas take damage and begin to run around chaotically if they do not have a rider.
  • CharacterIcon FirstSkullcat The First Skullcat hides back into tomb when the Super Skunk Gas approaches them. After they're shrouded in Super Skunk Gas, the player can no longer able to interact with them until the next match.
  • CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna puts on her gas mask when the Super Skunk Gas approaches her and continues her research. Similarly, players cannot interact with her once the gas has settled around her.
  • Mini Animals that are located in Mini Ranch and Murre Woods will be put to sleep upon contact with Super Skunk Gas.

Patch History[ | ]


  • Changed the final gas circle to take 8s to close (previously 7s) and the final gas circle does 14.2 damage per tick (up from 12).


  • Added additional end-game circle to minimize chugging contests.


  • Officially changes the designation from Poison Gas to Super Skunk Gas and named the safe area the Circle of Life.

Gallery[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • Players often mistaken Skunk Bomb's gas with Super Skunk Gas due the same coloration. This however being fixed on V.1.0 to prevent any confusion between the Skunk Bomb and Super Skunk Gas.
  • When attempting to survive through the Super Skunk Gas at the end of the game via chugging contest, healing with Cupgrade allows longer survival in the gas than healing while equipping Skunk Gas Snorkel. However, if the user of the Skunk Gas Snorkel performs a head start with the healing animation against cupgrade user, the Snorkel user will be able to survive marginally longer than the Cupgrade user, provided that they both enter the skunk gas at the same time.
    • Head start healing can be performed by having the player's health to be below 100%, allowing the player to kickstart the healing prompt before entering the skunk gas. This method is useful especially since it prevents having the player's health cut short by the gas waiting for the winding animation prior the actual healing.
    • Keep in mind that Cupgrade user with head start healing can still outlive the Skunk Gas Snorkel user.