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Super Sea Land on Map

Super Sea Land on the Map

Super Sea Land is an aquarium and sea-themed location in the southeastern corner of Super Animal World. It contains three sub-locations, the Super Animal Bay Aquarium, the Sea Land Nautitorium and the Sea Legs restaurant. Each sub-location is connected by Zip Lines that allow fast but dangerous travel between each area.

  • The Super Animal Bay Aquarium features multiple broken-open aquarium fish tanks for players to fight in and around.
  • The Sea Land Nautitorium is a theatre similar to the Super Animal Super Stage where Super Dolphin Super Dolphins used to perform.
  • The Sea Legs restaurant allowed guests a chance to taste a genetically-engineered delicacy that could only be found on Super Animal World.

In terms of game mechanics, Sea Land is quite an open area, allowing semi-automatic weapons like the Gun-ak grey AK and Grey Laser Gun Superite Laser to be quite strong in this area. It is quite close to the edge of the map, meaning that it is not likely to be visited by players later in the game.

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  • There's a sign called Walking with Sharks, possible a teaser that Super Sharks would be released sooner.