Super Saharaland.jpg
Char-tiger.png Super Tiger in Super Saharaland. Also shown are the location's features, such as cacti, rocks, and open space which makes it ideal for ranged combat.

Super Saharaland is one of the locations available to land in and visit in Super Animal Royale. It is located on the western end of the island, north of the SAW Villas and SAW Welcome Center. It features an oasis with beaches with palm trees that provide coconuts along its west and south coast. Cacti and rocks are scattered around to provide cover from attack.

The location also includes a small village near the oasis and what appears to be a shipping dock south of the village.

Supersaharaland mapview.jpg
Super Saharaland on the map.

Loot is provided by searching the village houses, cutting dried yellow grass, and smashing the crates scattered around.

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