Super Pyramid

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Southern/main entrance into Super Pyramid

Located at the heart of Super Saharaland on the western side of the world map, Super Pyramid is a sub location in Super Animal World. This location is a hot drop, and usually yields good loot for players early game. Narrow corridors and small rooms make this location ideal for close quarters combat. It is very easy for players to get ambushed by enemies here. Unique to this location and outside the pyramid in Super Saharaland are the Egyptian jars that when destroyed, provide players with Pickups such as ammunition or health. Super Pyramid has a total of 3 entry/exits into and out of the pyramid. The eastern and western entrances require players to break a few Crates in order to gain passage into the Super Pyramid. The center of the pyramid lies what a appears to be a ritual chamber with many Egyptian jars, and hieroglyphics in here. In the middle of the chamber, a Rebel Caches usually spawns there. The Super Pyramid contains many secrets for players to discover including secret passageways, and rooms. Can you discover all the secrets in the pyramid?

Super Pyramid on the map

Milestones[edit | edit source]

Clothes labcoat.png

Lab Coat
Discover Dr. Dogna's Secret Lab Lab

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Secret Areas[edit | edit source]

All secret areas in Super Pyramid.

Secret corridor super pyramid.jpg
Inside a secret corridor in the Super Pyramid.

Hidden chamber super pyramid.jpg
Inside the secret chamber with a sarcophagus in the Super Pyramid.

Dr. Dogna's secret lab super pyramid.jpg
Inside Dr. Dogna's secret lab in the Super Pyramid.