Super Animal Royale Wiki

Super Powerups are a category of items that grant the player passive abilities. They can be found scattered around the island, and players can only hold one item at a time.

Powerup Look Description
Claw Boots

- Automatically cuts Tallgrass-wheat.png Tall Grass
- Increases Tallgrass-wheat.png Tall Grass loot drop rate by 2.5x
- Allows to move on shallow water just as fast as on land
- Prevents sliding on ice

Banana Forker

“Just don’t let bananas rot in the skunk gas or they’ll turn into inedible mush.”

- Allows to consume Banana splat.png Banana Peels to recover 25 Health Points (even in downed state)
- Doubles the amount of health recovered from eating Coconut.png Coconuts, Mushroom.png Mushrooms and event health pickups
- Increases the range at which you can consume health pickups

Ninja Booties

“Be as quiet as a ninja with soft-padded paws.”

- Reduces noise from movement by 50% (including moving through the bushes)
- Increases movement speed by 5%
- ModeIcon Bwoking Dead.png Prevents footstep trails from appearing

Skunk Gas Snorkel

formerly known as

Skunk Gas Vial


- Increases movement speed within the Super Skunk Gas and Skunk bombUI.png Skunk Bombs gas by 25%
- Reduces damage taken from Super Skunk Gas and Skunk bombUI.png Skunk Bombs gas by 10%
- Prevents coughing while in a Skunk bombUI.png Skunk Bomb's gas


“Impress your dorm mates with your chugging skills.”

- Allows to heal 25% faster from drinking Healthjuice level 3.png Health Juice

S.A.W. Impossible Tape

“Armor's in high demand, be ready for otters to swipe it first.”

- The Icon Armor Small.png  Armor dropped from eliminated animals will be repaired by 1 armor bar

Super Bandolier

“You can only carry extra stuff as long as you've got the bandolier.”

- Increases amount of Ammo little bullets.png Little Bullets you can carry from 120 to 150
- Increases amount of Ammo big bullets.png Big Bullets you can carry from 90 to 110
- Increases amount of Ammo shells.png Shells you can carry from 30 to 40
- Increases amount of Ammo sniper.png Sniper Bullets you can carry from 25 to 40
- Increases amount of Ammo specialtyUI.png Specialty Ammo you can carry from 35 to 50
- Increases amount of Duct-Tape.png Super Tape you can carry from 5 to 6
- Increases amount of Grenade-new.png Grenades you can carry from 4 to 5
- Increases amount of Skunk bombUI.png Skunk Bombs you can carry from 5 to 6 (ModeIcon Bwoking Dead.png from 3 to 4)
- Increases amount of BananaUI.png Bananas you can carry from 10 to 12

Patch History[]


  • Changed behavior of Attach-ninjashoes.png Ninja Booties, instead of reducing sound from just walking and removing any sound from creep-rolling, they now reduce noise from all player movement by 50% and increase movement speed by 5%.


  • Attach-bandolier.png Super Bandolier carrying capacity has been increased:
  • ModeIcon Bwoking Dead.png Skunk Bombs now have 40% reduced spawn rate. The maximum carrying capacity for Skunk Bombs in this mode has also been reduced to 3 (or max 4 with the Attach-bandolier.png Super Bandolier).


  • S.A.W. Impossible Tape now only repairs a maximum of 1 tick of armor (down from 2).
  • Claw Boots now provides 2.5x loot from tall grass (up from 2x).


  • Introduced Attach-bandolier.png Super Bandolier powerup.
  • Introduced S.A.W. Impossible Tape powerup.
  • Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial.png Skunk Gas Vial replaced with Attach-poisonvial.png Skunk Gas Snorkel.
  • Banana Forker doubles the amount of health you gain from eating coconuts, mushrooms, and event items. It also increases the range at which you can eat them.
  • Claw Boots now let the wearer move just as fast in shallow water as on land.


  • Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial.png Skunk Gas Vial no longer protects you from Gun poison dart.png Poison Dart Gun damage or deals poison melee damage, but instead now increases move speed in the super skunk gas and skunk bombs by 25%, and reduces their damage by 10%.


  • Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial.png Skunk Gas Vial no longer prevents poison damage (considered too powerful against the Gun poison dart.png Poison Dart Gun). Instead, it will simply prevent poison death (maximum poison damage will bring you to 1 health, but not kill you).


  • Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial.png Skunk Gas Vial now also provides poison immunity (from poison dart gun and others using the vial, but not from skunk bombs).


  • Introduction of Claw Boots, Banana Forker, Ninja Booties, Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial.png Skunk Gas Vial, and Cupgrade.
  • Attach-Skunk-Gas-Vial.png Skunk Gas Vial at this time made melee attacks do 30 HP damage over 3 seconds.