Super Penguin Palace

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Super Penguin Palace main entrance

Located at the most northern part of the map in Thomas's Tundra, and is a core location in Super Animal World. Super Penguin Palace has a total of 3 entryways to get in and out of the palace {West, East, and South.) The palace is surrounded by patches of ice that make navigating around and inside the palace much more challenging for players. Players can equip the Claw Boots powerup to make movement speed the same on the ice as it is normally. Super Penguin Palace is a good spot for players to loot, and the center stage usually has a Rebel Caches to yield some good loot. There are many unique points on interest in this location such as; Club De Waddle, a chill jazz club with live performances by Ella Fishgerald and The Flippers, multiple Animals ice sculptures inside the palace, ice fountains, and ice benches for super animals to relax and enjoy the palace. Players often choose not to drop here, due to the slippery ice, however going here first is a good option to get some good loot early game. There aren't as many entryways compared to other locations, making it a good place to drop first, and ambush other unsuspecting players.

This location is a perfect place for players to do their Super Challenges daily challenge of skating on ice.

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