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Welcome to smoma

Welcome to SMOMA!

SMOMA on the map

SMOMA on the map.

SMOMA (Super Museum of Modern Art) is a sub location located on the southern eastern side of S.A.W. Welcome Center to the right of cat themed cafe, Cattitude. This houses the modern art of Super Animal World in two exhibits, the Eternal collection (located on the eastern side of the museum, and are on permanent display}, collecting works done by famous super animals, and the Ephemeral collection (located on the western side of the museum), collecting the works of our community of very talented artists who made it as a top 20 finalist in the Super Fanart Contest! Players are able to view the art pieces in the Museum during the pregame lobby and pressing E. Players are not able to view art pieces during a game, it must be in the pregame lobby. The art piece with a golden pedestal, and golden frame around it belongs to the winner of the last Super Fanart Contest. On the southern end of the museum is the gift shop, selling all sort of keepsakes as well as the Chewfizzi cafe with an outdoor patio area.

This location is not considered to be a hot drop for players, as it it is a relatively small location, and not an ideal place for players to look for the loot in. It arguably makes more sense for players to check areas around S.A.W. Welcome Center such as the S.A.W. Studios, and Super Shooting Gallery that gives players more room to maneuver, and usually better loot. There are 5 points of entry/exits in and out of SMOMA with 3 of them located south, one one the western side and one on the eastern side of the museum. Rebel Caches may sometimes spawn on the patio area of the Chewfizzi cafe. Overall, this is a good area for players to check for loot, but not ideal to immediately drop to as it won't provide players with high tier loot. The advantage of dropping here first is that since it's a sub area of S.A.W. Welcome Center, players can check here quickly, then move onto the Welcome Center of a better possibility of higher tier loot in the large, and small buildings.

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  • The "Praise Banan" artwork probably a tribute for Raven, the player who always doing praise banan cult stuff as Super Raven in every game they join and the one who bring the idea of the cult back story to Pixile team.
  • The Top 20 and the winner arts for Winter Contest 2022 not being added to SMOMA as the crisis happening in real life, it was later added during season 5.