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Super Halloween 2019
Halloween event
Event information
Start date 18 October 2019(v0.89.4)
End date 10 November 2019
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Super Halloween 2019 was a special event lasting from October 18th to November 10th, 2019. The update brought exclusive melee weapon skins and special costumes.

Features[ | ]

  • 20 event cosmetics are acquired via collecting Currency candycorn Candy Corn, found during gameplay hidden around the Super Animal World (come in a single candy, triple candies, and bowls of candy corn with Currency candycorn 5). Bots and players will also drop 1 candy corn upon death.

Changed on October 31st

  • Bots still drop Currency candycorn 1 in Duos and Squads, but now drop Currency candycorn 3 in Solos.
  • Players now drop Currency candycorn 3 in Duos and Squads, and Currency candycorn 5 (a bowl) in Solos.
  • The last kill of the game is worth Currency candycorn 5 in all three modes and is granted automatically without needing to pick it up.

Event Shop[ | ]

New Items[ | ]

Patch Notes[ | ]

See the full updates patch notes here.

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