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Promotional artwork for the Super Free Edition

Super Free Edition (known formerly as Super Demo) is an unlimited free version of the game that players can play to "try before they buy". Progression earned while playing will carry over to a purchased copy of the game, should the player decide to buy the Super Edition. Progression includes earned XP, Animal DNA and Super Serum, as well as any unlocked cosmetics.

The owners of Super Free Edition can play all game modes in the game, but they are more restricted with some Customizations they are able to equip and wear such as certain Super Milestones they are able to complete and claim. Super Free Edition players have a slower rate of earning Carl's Coins Currency Carl coins.png per match compared to players who own the Super Edition. Super Free Edition players are also able to join and invite friends from Steam and Discord.

In the previous build of the Super Free Edition (prior to the Version 0.96.3 update), players were restricted to four Animals given to all players for free - Char-fox.png Fox, Char-bear.png Bear, Char-skullcat.png Skullcat and Char-tiger.png Tiger. After the Version 0.96.3 update, Super Free Edition players now have free access to unlock and play as all super animals that are not DLC exclusive.

Super Animal Royale: Super Free Edition on Steam

Features of both Super Edition and Super Free Edition after the Version 0.96.3 update.