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Super Fanart Contest is a Super Animal Royale community event urging talented artists of the community to make an original piece of artwork with a preset theme behind it. There have been two past Fanart Contests so far, one in Summer 2020, and one in Winter 2020, respectfully. It occurs biannually (twice a year), and usually takes place in summer, and winter. Participants, top 20 finalists, and the winner are rewarded with exclusive in game cosmetics!

SMOMA[edit | edit source]

The most recent winner's, and the top 20 finalists art pieces are able for players to view in game in the SMOMA! Before going into a match, players are able to interact with each art piece submission to see a fullscreen view of each piece. This does not work during a match (after the pre game lobby), and players won't be able to interact with each art piece during a match. The winner's art piece is distinguished with a golden pedestal in front of it.

Prizes[edit | edit source]

Super fanart contest prizes.png

Rewards given out to participants of the Fanart Contest. The winner is awarded the Golden Paintbrush awarded to them by Rabbita Smith in either a Fanart Contest Youtube video or in a Super Animal Royale Tonight video! Top 20 finalists are awarded 1 out of the 5 exclusive Art cosmetic prizes that finalists are able to choose. Each participant of the contest is also awarded a Red Crayon for participating!

Melee paintbrush golden.png

Golden Paintbrush
Winner of the Fanart contest prize

Melee digital stylus.png

Digital Pen
Top 20 finalists prize

Clothes artist.png

Artist Smock
Top 20 finalists prize

Melee pencil.png

Top 20 finalists prize


Canvas Gravestone
Top 20 finalists prize

Hat artist.png

Artist Beret
Top 20 finalists prize

Melee crayon red.png

Red Crayon
Participants prize

Past winners[edit | edit source]

All past winners, and participants work for the event can be seen here.