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Super Easter 2020
Super easter 2020
Event information
Start date 1 April 2020(v0.93.1)
End date 19 April 2020
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April Fools' Day 2020
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Super Easter 2020 is a recurring Easter event lasting from April 1st to April 19th, 2020. The update brought back the special limited time cosmetics from last years event, as well as its own unique items. Event items could be purchased through the event store window in game using Currency easter egg Easter Eggs earned from playing matches. Legacy items had a 25% chance to drop after matches, separately from regular drops. It also introduces the Super Chick and brings back the Super Chocolate Bunny.

Event Shop[ | ]

New Items[ | ]

Event Drops[ | ]

These items had a 25% chance to drop upon completing a match, separate from the regular drops.

Legacy Items[ | ]

Items returning from the Easter Event 2019 had a 25% change to drop until all items were collected. 2 new bows, Blue Bow and Pink Bow were also included in this drop pool throughout this event.

Patch Notes[ | ]

See the full patch notes here.