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Super Duos Day 2023
Super Duos Day 2023 promo artwork
Event information
Start date 7 February 2023
End date 16 February 2023
Valentine's Day Events
Event chronology
Event history
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Year of the Super Bunny 2023
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St. Pawtrick's Day 2023

Super Duos Day 2023 is a recurring Valentine's Day event lasting from February 07th, 2023 to February 16th, 2023. By playing and completing any Duos mode match, the player can obtain a Duo's Day Rose melee cosmetic, exclusive to this event.

Event Drops[ | ]

A special melee weapon skin could be obtained by completing a match of Duos.

Legacy Items[ | ]

Valentine's Day Cards[ | ]

2023 special Valentine's Day cards!

2022 Valentine's Day Cards[ | ]

Special Valentine's Day cards for that special super animal in your life!

2021 Valentine's Day Cards[ | ]

2021 special Valentine's Day cards!

2020 Valentine's Day Cards[ | ]

2020 special Valentine's Day cards!

Patch Notes[ | ]

See the full patch notes here.