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Super Challenges UI Main Menu (After 1

Super Challenges UI on the Main Menu as of Version 1.7.

Super Challenges are given to the player every day and week, rewarding them with XP (Experience Points). XP earned by completing any challenge also goes towards any current tiers of any Super Animal Passes the player may be working on upon completion of a challenge. There are three challenge types that differ in difficulty and amount of XP given – Easy, Medium and Hard. At 00:00 UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) new challenges are given to the player:

  • five new Daily Super Challenges, one of them will always be Play A Match. 1 of them will be chosen from easy challenges pool (300 xp), 2 from medium (400 xp) and 1 from hard (500 xp),
  • if its Tuesday – five new Weekly Super Challenges will be generated, two easy (2200 xp), two medium (2500 xp), one hard (2800 xp).

Daily Challenge Requirements[ | ]

Daily Challenge Requirements
Challenge Name Easy
Play A Match 1
Get Kills 18
Chop Grass[note 1] Tallgrass-wheat 300
Drink Health Juice Healthjuice level 3 400
Use Campfires Campfire 4
Banana Slip Enemies BananaUI 3
Break Destructibles Crate-wooden Barrel-explosive 90
Use Super Tape Duct-Tape 10
Skate On Ice (Meters)[note 2] 300
Open Clams Clam closed 5
Get Top Placement (Top 5 Solos, Top 3 Duos, Top 2 Squads) 3
Play Matches Of A Limited Time Mode ModeIcon SAW vs RebellionModeIcon MysteryModeIcon Bwoking Dead 3
Eat Mushrooms, Coconuts, Or Seasonal Event Items MushroomCoconutCurrency Cane 70
Pet The Mini Chicken At Peep's Camp 1
Pet A Mini Animal At The Mini Ranch Pet-fox 1
Drive A Hamster Ball (Meters) Icon Hamster Ball 500
Ride Emu (Meters) Emu idle 000 500
Deal Damage With An Emu Emu idle 000 300
Eat Coconuts Or Mushrooms With An Emu MushroomCoconut 25
Enemies Sparrow Tracked Gun bow default Gun crossbow default 20
Open A Mole Crate UnopenedCrate 1
Use Claw Boots On Shallow Water Or Ice (Meters) Attach-clawshoes 200
Eat A Banana With The Banana Forker Attach-banancharm 1
Perform Creep Rolls With Ninja Booties Attach-ninjashoes 15
Upgrade Pistol To Dual Pistols Dual Pistols 1
Deal Damage Or Healing With Darts (Hp) Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316Dogna's Grey Dart Fly 400
Equip Level 3 Armor Bodyarmor level 3 1
Activate The Bamboo Stage Show 1
Open A Door Or Gate At S.A.W. Security Hq 1
View Artwork At SMOMA (In Lobby) 1
Use Throwables Grenade-new Skunk bombUI Cat Mine BananaUI 15
Shoot An Enemy With A Hunting Rifle Or Sniper While In Creep Zoom Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Gun-sniper grey 1
Dance With Beach Crabs Crab-red 1
Find And Kick A Beach Ball Beach ball 1
Destroy Scarecrows Farm scarecrow 3
Ride Zip-Lines ZiplineUI 10

Weekly Challenge Requirements[ | ]

Weekly Challenge Requirements
Challenge Name Easy
Get Kills 75
Open Mole Crates UnopenedCrate 8
Break Enemy Armor Broken bodyarmor level 1Broken bodyarmor level 2Broken bodyarmor level 3 90
Play Matches 30
Deal Damage 8000
Open Rebel Caches Crate 60
Equip A Powerup In A Match[note 3] Attach-clawshoes Attach-banancharm Attach-ninjashoes Attach-poisonvial Attach-enchancedjuice Attach-tapedispenser Attach-bandolier Attach-super-juicer 15
Pick Up Legendary Weapons[note 4] Icon Guns 15
Drive A Hamster Ball (Meters) Icon Hamster Ball 4000
Get A Kill Within 10S Of Landing 1
Eat Mushrooms, Coconuts, Or Seasonal Event Items MushroomCoconutCurrency Cane 250
Get Top Placement (Top 5 Solos, Top 3 Duos, Top 2 Squads) 8
Ride Emu (Meters) Emu idle 000 4000
Drink Health Juice Healthjuice level 3 1200
Use Super Tape Duct-Tape 25
Perform Super Jump Rolls 250
Deal Damage With Epic Weapons Icon Guns 3000
Survive Until The Final Gas Circle[note 5] 5
Get Pistol Or Smg Weapon Class Kills Gun-pistol grey Dual Pistols Gun-silenced-pistol grey Gun-magnum grey Gun deagle greyGun-smg grey Gun-thomas gun grey 12
Get Shotgun Or Sniper Weapon Class Kills Gun-shotgun grey Gun jag7Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Gun-sniper grey 12
Get Automatic Rifle Or Minigun Kills Gun-ak grey Gun-m16 greyGun-minigun grey 12
Get Specialty Ammo Weapon Kills Gun bow defaultGun crossbow defaultGun dart grey-resources.assets-5316Dogna's Grey Dart FlyGun egglauncher grey 12
Deal Damage Or Healing With Darts (Hp) Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316Dogna's Grey Dart Fly 1700

Notes[ | ]

  1. Attach-clawshoes Claw Boots can be useful for the "Chop Grass" challenge as they automatically cut grass.
  2. Can be progressed even with the claw boots equipped, in a Hamster Ball, or on an emu.
  3. Can only be progressed by one point per match.
  4. Counts per weapon type picked up during a match. For example picking up a Gun-sniper grey Sniper and another Gun-sniper grey Sniper does count as 1 point, however picking up Gun-sniper grey Sniper and Gun-minigun grey Minigun counts as 2 points towards progression[verify]
  5. Final circle in ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead does not count for progression of this challenge.

Gallery[ | ]

Patch History[ | ]


  • The “get a win in a limited time mode" challenge has been changed to “play matches of a limited time mode.”


  • Major Super Challenge overhaul:
    • Amount of challenges has been changed to 5 for both daily and weekly.
    • Types of challenges were vastly changed.
    • Milestone screen now also shows challenges.
    • UI for challenges has been changed.


  • Changed Gun dart grey-resources.assets-5316 Dogna's Dart Gun Weekly Challenge requirement from "Kills" to "Damage Dealt".
  • Replaced "Survive in Skunk Gas" Weekly Challenge with a "Munch Mushroom Mushrooms" challenge.
  • "Break Barrel-explosive Explosive Barrels" Weekly Challenge requirement reduced from 75 to 30 barrels.