Super CRISPRmas 2020.

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Super CRISPRmas 2020
Super CRISPRmas 2020.jpg
Event information
Start date 17 December 2020(v0.96.5‎)
End date 10 January 2021
Event chronology
Event history
← Previous
Super Halloween 2020
Next →
Year of the Super Ox

Super CRISPRmas 2020 is a special event lasting from December 17th 2020 to January 10th, 2021. As part of the event new cosmetic skins were added and map has been themed for the event. Additionally items from previous CRISPRmas events are acquirable.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • 12 event cosmetics, 8 of which are acquired by collecting Currency Cane.png Candy Canes
  • Map has been decorated with Christmas decorations

Event items[edit | edit source]

CRISPRmas shop[edit | edit source]

Festive Bow.png

Festive Bow
Currency Cane.png 450

Green Festive Scarf.png

Green Festive Scarf
Currency Cane.png 450

Ski Pole.png

Ski Pole
Currency Cane.png 900

Foggy Glasses.png

Foggy Glasses
Currency Cane.png 900

Santa Dress.png

Santa Dress
Currency Cane.png 1337


Currency Cane.png 1337

S.A.W Shop[edit | edit source]

Wrapped Magnum.png

Wrapped Magnum
Currency S.A.W. Ticket.png 450

Patch Notes[edit | edit source]

See the full updates patch notes here.