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The Super Animal World Logo, used by their forces and animals aligned to them.


The leadership of the S.A.W. Security Forces.

Super Animal World Corporation (S.A.W.), or simply Super Animal World (not to be confused with the location), is the entity and faction which operates Super Animal World. It is a division of Pixile Industries.[1] Initially, the corporation operated the island as a theme park open to tourists, but after the violent uprising of the Super Animals known as "The Incident", it now facilitates Animal Royale tournaments on its ruins.

The corporation is opposed by the Super Animal Super Resistance (S.A.S.R., Rebellion), who see S.A.W. as the animals' oppressors, and who seek to dismantle the Animal Royale. S.A.W., in turn, seeks to restore order to the island and consolidate it's power by combatting the rebels in order to "bring the S.A.S.R. to justice". The two factions vie to win the hearts and minds of the Super Animals and increase their control over Super Animal World.

The most visible divisions of S.A.W. Corporation include:

  • S.A.W. Security Forces: The security and military component of S.A.W., helmed by a Char-fox Super Fox and consisting mainly of Char-dog-hound Super Dogs. They combat and protect the corporation's properties against the S.A.S.R. They are headquartered at the S.A.W. Security HQ. Although S.A.W. Security Forces mainly consists of Super Dogs, they also recruit other Super Animals for fighting in conflicts such as those featured in S.A.W. vs Rebellion, as the Super Dogs are highly specialised and important as S.A.W.'s police force.
  • S.A.W. Studios: Led by CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick and CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels. S.A.W. Studios operates the Super Animal Royale Tonight show and are the publicity component of S.A.W. They are headquartered at the S.A.W. Studios building at the S.A.W. Welcome Center.
  • S.A.W. Labs (The Lab Labs): The research component and genetic engineering laboratory of S.A.W.. They develop and produce new Super Animal breeds as well as other zoological products (such as Dartflies) for S.A.W.. The Lab Labs are helmed by CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna, and are headquartered at the S.A.W. Research Labs.
  • The Delivery Moles: The logistics component of S.A.W. The Delivery Moles transport goods around the island, most notably UnopenedCrate Mole Crates. In SART S02E06 A Mole Lotta Trouble, the Delivery Moles are shown to have their own complex society located in bunkers under Super Animal World, including schools, homes, and workplaces.
  • The Construction Beavers: The construction, maintenance, and operations component of S.A.W. The Beavers are tasked with the day-to-day operations of the Animal Royales. As shown in SART S02E05 One Dam Thing After Another, the beavers clean up the island after the Royales, manufacture props, and construct and update the island to get it ready for the Royales. The Beavers are headquartered at the Beaver Construction HQ.

CharacterIcon GovernorMoosevelt Governor Moosevelt is the self-appointed leader of the civilian portion of S.A.W., although it is a question how much power he actually has.

The work of Super Animals under S.A.W. is closely monitored. It is shown in SART S02E05 that Beavers who fail to meet their production targets, or simply fail to make it underground in time, are put in the Royales to fight for their lives.

In the ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode, players may play as the S.A.W. forces fighting against Rebellion forces. The S.A.W. forces also frequently show up in Super Animal Royale Tonight episodes.

Appearances in Super Animal Royale Tonight[ | ]

Super Animal Royale Tonight frequently features the S.A.W. Security Forces acting as guards for the hosts and fighting off the Rebellion trying to capture them.

Cosmetics[ | ]

Various S.A.W.-themed Customizations can be obtained and equipped. This list shows cosmetics which either refer to the S.A.W. by name or contain its logo.

SAW Helmet

SAW Helmet
ALRITE Reach Level 50
Yellow LockIcon

SAW Security Uniform

SAW Security Uniform
Yellow LockIcon

NPCs associated with S.A.W.[ | ]

  • CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna, who describes herself as a "Lab Lab" and who worked with the human researchers before "The Incident".
  • CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick, host of Super Animal Royale Tonight, part of S.A.W. Studios.
  • CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels, host of Super Animal Royale Tonight, part of S.A.W. Studios.
  • CharacterIcon ThomasSledison Thomas Sledison, who produces new weapons for S.A.W.
  • The Mole Delivery Moles, whom appear to be aligned with S.A.W. Their crates carry the S.A.W. logo and Dr. Jennifer Dogna is shown to live and work in them in their underground bunkers.
  • Char-Beaver The Construction Beavers, who appear to be tasked with S.A.W.'s maintenance and operations. They "reset" the map after every Animal Royale to prepare for the next one, replacing Barrel-explosive Explosive Barrels, clearing and refilling loot and pickups, and reviving the CharacterIcon RatPrisoner Cheese Goudara.

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