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Super Animal World (S.A.W.) is a run-down safari theme park located on an island within an archipelago called Super Animal Island. Super Animal World is the primary location of Super Animal Royale. Initially a theme park centred on genetically engineered "Super Animals", it was abandoned by humans, and is now only inhibited by Super Animals. The SAW-Logo Super Animal World Corporation conducts televised Animal Royale tournaments from the island, using the abandoned park as a battleground.

Super Animal Island is composed mostly of woodland, but also features a desert, a swamp, a tundra, as well as many beaches. Many clusters of houses dot the landscape, suggesting the staff of the original park lived on-site as the island is otherwise surrounded by ocean. There are also several cargo dumps throughout the island, carrying an innumerable amount of goods. Other islands exist within the archipelago, such as a Giant Eagle Airlines airport on a smaller island south of Super Animal World.

Interactive Map[ | ]

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Super PyramidSuper Penguin PalaceThomas's TundraThomas's TundraThomas's TundraS.A.W. Welcome CenterGiant Eagle LandingPete's SwampCrocodile ClubSMOMAS.A.W. Security HQS.A.W. VillasSuper SaharalandSuper SaharalandGiant Emu RanchSuperite MountainSuper Animal FarmS.A.W. Bamboo ResortMini RanchPixile PortS.A.W. Research LabsHealth Juice FactoryThomas's WorkshopBeaver Construction HQMurre WoodsGoldwood WoodsSuper Sea LandMap
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Lore[ | ]

Not much is known about the establishment of Super Animal World. At the beginning, what became Super Animal World Corporation, a division of Pixile Industries, began constructing a theme park on an island within an archipelago. They discovered rich sources of Superite, a mineral that glows pink, on this island. During this time, human researchers were experimenting with genetic engineering technology (most likely CRISPR due to multiple references to this in the game). Superite was found to have useful and extremely important properties in this process. With the discovery and usage of Superite, researchers using CRISPR created the first Super Animals. The first known successful Super Animal was CharacterIcon FirstSkullcat The First Skullcat. Unfortunately, it was not perfect, and had a "ruff" (rough) appearance. This led the bosses to hide The First Skullcat out in Super Saharaland as a sort of horror show. Despite their appearance, Skullcats ended up being popular. Skullcats taught the researchers that they did not have to limit themselves to real animals. The researchers could make up new breeds of animals, including genetically fried chickens (Char chicken fried-resources.assets-220 Super Fried Chicken), animals with rainbow coats, alebrijes, and so on.

The company shifted the focus of the theme park onto the Super Animals, transforming the island into a sort of safari park. During this time, Super Animals were used as attractions, slave labour, hunting targets, and even as food. Dissent began to grow among the Super Animals who disagreed with this treatment, and sought to gain freedom amongst themselves and liberation from human rule. Several cave scribbles in Superite Mountain reflect this growing dissent, including one that asks, "Are we not people too?". The dissenting animals formed the Super Animal Super Resistance to further their plans.

Several months before the first broadcast of Super Animal Royale Tonight, during the "Super Animal Super Show" at the Super Animal Super Stage, the Rebellion set their plans into action. On stage, the Rebellion performers pulled out guns, and began shooting indiscriminately. Attacks took place across the island, causing widespread damage, and the desertion of Super Animal World by the humans.[1] This was known as "The Incident". The park was transformed by the Super Animal World Corporation into a battleground for televised battle royale tournaments featuring the Super Animals. This was the beginning of the Super Animal Royales.

Today, the Rebellion-Logo Super Animal Super Resistance and SAW-Logo Super Animal World continue to vie for power over the island, including violent face-offs and battles as shown in S.A.W. vs Rebellion. Even with the human researchers gone, S.A.W. Labs continues to operate, developing and producing new animal breeds and other zoological products. The Construction Beavers continuously update and maintain the island. The island features a network of underground bunkers where Super Animals are cloned and where the animals retreat to during the fights, as shown in SART S02E06 A Mole Lotta Trouble.

In the days when Super Animal World was a theme park, visitors would take a ferry into the island from the mainland, which would presumably dock at the pier in S.A.W. Welcome Center. A few visitors would also take a Giant Eagle from the mainland which would land at the Giant Eagle Airlines airport on a smaller island south of Super Animal Island, but that was expensive and was like travelling first class, as Giant Eagles could only hold so many people. The Giant Eagle Airlines airport is featured in the main menu of the game, and is also the location of the shops of CharacterIcon Ms MacAwesome Ms. MacAwesome and Cackling Carl Cackling Carl, who set up their shops there as it is a good place to peddle their wares.[2][3]

Locations[ | ]

These are the current main and sub locations in Super Animal World. They're listed below starting from the A1 quadrant and going from left to right horizontally, ending at the final quadrant, H8.

Thomas's Tundra[ | ]

Main article: Thomas's Tundra

An extremely large and open Tundra area that takes up a large chunk of the northern-most part of the map. This area is littered with small groups of houses, mountains and cargo containers. The Tundra has very similar properties to other parts of the map such as Goldwood Woods with a reasonable amount of cover provided by buildings, rocks and trees. But whilst it spans a large area, very little amounts of desirable loot spawns here. The Circle of Life also doesn't often include the Tundra, making it a very undesirable area to drop within. The purpose of the Tundra within the park is unknown other than for accommodation. There's also frozen lake and Super Penguin Palace where players can find lots of good loot. There's also Thomas's Workshop - a sub area where Thomas Sleddison lives and become a place for Super Animal Royale Tonight Season 1, Episode 7 where Donk Patrick and Howl Michaels escape from Rebellion forces with the aid of Thomas himself. Rumors have it that Thomas owns this tundra according to the name.

Super Penguin Palace[ | ]

Main article: Super Penguin Palace

An ice palace located at the northern-most point of the map. There are three exits/entry ways located south, east, and west of the palace, respectfully. There's a lot of good loot to be found within the palace however, the slippery ice dissuades players from dropping there initially. The claw boots power-up is very good for this area for better traction, and movement on the ice. Points of interests include; Club "De Waddle", frozen ice statues of various super animals around the palace, and Ella Fishgerald and The Flippers taped performance on the main stage and a ballroom. It's assumed that S.A.W forces own this palace.

Thomas's Workshop[ | ]

Main article: Thomas's Workshop

A small workshop located northeast on the island, and east from Super Penguin Palace. Famed husky inventor, Thomas Sleddison, lives there and continues to invent new weapons, and gadgets. There are 2 entry/exit points located east, and west of the workshop respectfully. Not an ideal place to drop, especially in squads, but in solos or duos should provide players adequate loot before moving on. There is a S.A.W. marked storage container in the bottom left of the main workshop that contains some loot. The west side of the building is Thomas's living quarters, while the east side is the main workshop. There are 6 display cabinets that displays; a hamster ball, green sniper, red umbrella, a super tiger cutout (from the shooting gallery in S.A.W. Welcome Center), level 3 armor, and the sixth and final one is broken with nothing in it (possibly robbed by the rebels...?) There is also a fireplace, and a Super Animal Royale Tonight reporter's desk in the workshop.

Superite Mountain[ | ]

Main article: Superite Mountain

Superite Mountain is a mine located on the north western side of the map, south of Thomas's Tundra. A large location that is a popular spot for players to initially land and can provide very good loot early on. Inside the mine, you can see superite, both mined and unmined, a prison housing Cheese Goudara, and what appears to be a Rebellion base. The prison is featured in an episode of SAR Tonight, in which the rebellion took hold of Donk Patrick and Howl Michaels and held them hostage.

S.A.W. Research Labs[ | ]

Main article: S.A.W. Research Labs

Located within the northern side of the map, the S.A.W. Research Labs is a core location of Super Animal World. S.A.W. Research Labs has a total of 7 entryways. Inside, the west, north and east buildings that make up for the main sections, marked by the numbers 1, 2 and 3 respectively. There are a total of 7 explosive barrels scattered inside the lab and the nearby surroundings. Building 1 has the layout of a prison: it contains a large amount of smaller cells. Building 2 has the layout of a messy office: the corridors and the fallen apparatus make up for its coexisting wide and narrow environment. Building 3 contains a lot of test subject chambers which form a narrow and complex layout. In the S.A.W. Research Labs, especially in building 1, the spawning points for resources are extremely dense, which allow players to be able to gather them in a short time. Close ranged weapons have the advantage in the indoor areas, while on the contrary, long ranged weapons have the advantage in the outdoor areas. Along with these main 3 buildings, located within the courtyard between the 3 core buildings are 2 small (and also messy) office buildings; although these offices only often have low quality and sparse loot spawns.

Health Juice Factory[ | ]

Main article: Health Juice Factory

Located near the S.A.W. Research Labs, it is a factory for manufacturing Healthjuice level 3 Health Juice. There are many entrances/exits within the Health Juice Factory, including three at the bottom of the building (bar on the left, underneath the conveyer belts in the middle, and bottom of the greenhouse on the right), two at the top of the building (top-right corner of the fruit press machine, and top-left corner of the greenhouse), and one on the left of the building (above the brick wall with the four framed crab worker photos).

Super Saharaland[ | ]

Main article: Super Saharaland

Super Saharaland is a desert biome with very open drylands consisting of very little cover and a few run-down and abandoned building complexes. The south part of Saharaland consists of bridges connecting the desert with the rest of the Super Animal World island, whilst heading north will eventually lead players to Superite Mountain. While there aren't many opportunities to find loot in most of the desert, the small sections consisting of buildings have reliable and dense loot spawns, making it an acceptable place to drop within. Saharaland is commonly placed within the Circle Of Life but seems to be a rarer endgame location once the Circle Of Life has shrunk to its final phases. Saharaland appears to be a previous place that accommodates visitors of S.A.W, but does appear to have not been in use for some time. There's a Super Pyramid which holds some secrets and where a Super Skullcat Sphinx where The First Skullcat rests peacefully.

Super Pyramid[ | ]

Main article: Super Pyramid

A large pyramid located west of the Giant Emu Ranch in Super Saharaland. This pyramid is a hot drop for a lot of players as it contains a lot of good loot, as well as a lot of secrets too! The pyramid has three main entry/exit points, one south of the pyramid, one east of it with some wooden crates in the way players must break to get access to the eastern exit, and one west of it also with some crates blocking the way. There are some secret rooms in this pyramid that once discovered, yield more loot, as well as more secrets. The center of the pyramid usually contains a rebel cache, and appears to resemble a ritual room of some sort. Outside of the pyramid is very open area with some ruins surrounding it, making it good to use for cover. There is also a Sphinx that players can try and figure out how to get inside of. CharacterIcon FirstSkullcat The First Skullcat, and CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna are also said to be lurking around in the pyramid and ruins. Can you find them and discover all the secrets of the pyramid?

Giant Emu Ranch[ | ]

Main article: Giant Emu Ranch

The Ranch is located on the south end of Super Saharaland, it's a place where Emu idle 000 Giant Emus are being taken care of and bred. A relatively small location with only 3 points of entry and exit, it's not an ideal place for players to initially land and it's very easy to get trapped in or ambushed by other players. A Emu idle 000 Giant Emu can often be found outside or inside the ranch making it a good option to make a quick getaway. Rebellion Forces use this location to have an advantage over the S.A.W. Forces.

Beaver Construction HQ[ | ]

Located right behind the Super Animal Super Stage on the map, Beaver Construction HQ is a work place of beavers. They're working on wood recycling. Calculating the dimensions of the wood on the computer, they cut it on the machine. The beavers work well, they messed around a bit, so this location has become more interesting.

S.A.W. Villas[ | ]

Main article: S.A.W. Villas

Northeast of Giant Eagle Landing, and northwest of Pete's Swamp, an open area with many houses/buildings to go into and loot. This area is a decent place to drop, and loot early on, as it can provide a lot of good loot early game. The main drawback is that the buildings are very close together, making CQC (Close Quarters Combat) the best choice to use when going from building to building. When exiting, and continuing north to more of the villas, beware of snipers when traveling through the open forest area. Usually a good overall spot to look for supplies and loot. Don't linger in the area too long as it's a popular spot for people to look through. There are many abandoned shacks north of this location players can also go to to look for loot in.

S.A.W. Bamboo Resort[ | ]

Main article: S.A.W. Bamboo Resort

The Chinese themed resort is located in the middle of the map, north from Super Animal Farm and south from S.A.W. Research Labs. There's a golden statue of Super Animal which included the Chinese Zodiacs that will change every Chinese New Year. There's also Pandup Comedy stage where you can hear pre-recorded performances of the Super Panda doing their jokes but ended up boring afterwards. A very hectic and popular place to players to initially drop, it often becomes a power struggle to control this part of the island for a powerful center position. This location also offers a lot of decent loot early game, and UnopenedCrate Mole Crates are frequently delivered to this area.

S.A.W. Security HQ[ | ]

Main article: S.A.W. Security HQ

A medium sized facility west of Pixile Port. It has been added in the 1.4 update. It features two intractable gates that can be opened with buttons and various rooms used for S.A.W operations.

Pixile Port[ | ]

Main article: Pixile Port

A large port located on the eastern most point of the map, it replaced the old S.A.W. Shipyards in the version 1.1 update. Being one of the largest locations in the game, it could be considered a hot spot as a lot of players land here to get decent early game loot. There are many opened storage containers and Crate-wooden Crates around this location players can look for loot in. Barrel-explosive Explosive Barrels are also frequent. Points of interest include a lighthouse located south east of the port, several abandoned office buildings and an abandoned warehouse on the south side of the port. A relatively open area with not much cover apart from Crate-wooden Crates, storage containers and abandoned buildings to go in and out of, mid to long ranged weapons are most favorable here.(sentence may require rewording due to v1.5 adding cover)

Super Animal Super Stage[ | ]

The big dilapidated theatre located just north of S.A.W. Welcome Center, this is the place where they host certain shows including Blue Jay Z, Lady Caw Caw and Kelly Larkson Trio performance. With over 10 points of entry and exits, it's a popular place for players to initially land to. The down side of dropping here is that this location is very narrow, and navigation here can be very tricky especially along the main stage, and in the sitting room area. This location can provide a lot of good loot for players early on. Rumor has it that there's a hidden room with faint mysterious sounds coming from it somewhere in this theater.

Giant Eagle Landing[ | ]

Main article: Giant Eagle Landing

Giant Eagle Landing is a sub area located in between of S.A.W. Welcome Center and S.A.W. Villas, somehow making an impression of a gathering spot secondary to that of S.A.W. Welcome Center. The area's theme seems to be centered about the Giant Eagle, to which the player drops from in the beginning of the match. It houses a store on the east that either plays Lady Caw Caw, Blue Jay Z or Kelly Larkson's song whenever the player enters the stage. In the middle is a broken stage which spawns a lot of crates during the game. On top of it is an entertainment house called Giant Eagle Rides and at the left of the stage is a restaurant. There are also a couple of villas located on the western side. Cover in this area is moderate and involves getting in and out of buildings. The items spawned in here make it a secondary choice of a spot worth dropping. UnopenedCrate Mole Crates are dropped off here infrequently.

Pete's Swamp[ | ]

Main article: Pete's Swamp

Pete's Swamp is a relatively small area just east of the S.A.W. Welcome Center. As the name implies, it is indeed a swamp which is to be believed is named after Pete - a character that appears in the Credits and in cameos in the popular Super Animal Royale Tonight series. The area is divided into a small northern section and a larger southern section. Elaborate boardwalks covered in items weave through the swamp. There is very little cover however, and the narrow boardwalks make it hard to dodge bullets if a firefight breaks out. Otherwise, the area's sheer amount of items make it a prime spot for gathering weapons and armor in the early game.

Crocodile Club[ | ]

Sub location of Pete's Swamp located at the southwest of it. It is where Pete and the Swampcats performed when the park first opened to the public.

Super Animal Farm[ | ]

Main article: Super Animal Farm

The countryside of the island, the Super Animal Farm is located in the center-most and bottom of the island, east of Pete's Swamp, south of S.A.W. Bamboo Resort, and west of Goldwood Woods. In here, wheat surrounds the area, which a player can still cut as Tall grass and count towards Super Challenges. The Super Milk Barn is the biggest building of Super Animal Farm, containing a blocked door to the northern part of the barn and Donk's Storytelling in the eastern wing. The Super Milk Bar is the second largest building in this area and may contain satisfactory loot drops. The third largest building is Lab to Table, located just east of the Barn and northeast of Milk Bar where Super Fried Chickens are possibly made. A long shack with drops can be also found just the west of Super Animal Barn, while all the other buildings are shacks containing other drops. There is also an area for chasing a Super Pig, which seemed to be an attraction before. Cover for this area is numerous, but interior-wise, corner-camping may be deadly for unsuspecting players. This area is one of the spots where players may drop in frequently, due to its large area and decent loot spawns. Rumors have it that the barn is a hidden base for Super Animal Super Resistance.

Mini Ranch[ | ]

Main article: Mini Ranch

Sub location of Super Animal Farm located on the southern end of the world map. Features an abandoned Mini Mart store with a holding pen with two randomly spawning Mini Animal Pets players can interact with, exclusively to this location. The Mini Mart is a very small building with 4 entry/exit ways for players to enter/exit with sometimes a spawning Rebel Cache in the building. There's plenty of abandoned shacks, tall grass and crates for players to look for loot surrounding the Ranch. Rolled up hay bales can be used as cover from any incoming enemy fire.

S.A.W. Welcome Center[ | ]

Main article: S.A.W. Welcome Center

This is the main entrance of the island and the pick up area for Giant Eagles. Players spawn in this area and it acts as the pre-game lobby. The area is littered with shops, diners, and cafes. There is a fountain surrounded by hedges in the center, with 4 speakers at each corner. These speakers play a tune, presumably the theme song for the park. The tune is broken, filled with stutters and white noise after looping. To the right of the fountain is a campfire that ignites upon approach, as well as the infamous "party bush". This area is connected to the rest of the island by bridges to the east, as well as 2 sandbars to the north.

SMOMA[ | ]

Main article: SMOMA

S.M.O.M.A or "Super Museum Of Modern Art" is located on the southwest part of the island, close to the S.A.W. Welcome Center. In here, players are able to view past art contest winner's art pieces as well as permanent pieces in this museum. The first place winner of an art contest has a golden pedestal and golden frame around their art piece. Players are only able to view the art pieces up close and personal during the pre game lobby. Attempting to fully view art pieces in the museum during a game will not work. There are 5 points of entry/exits in this museum. A small location that may be ideal for players to drop to since most players drop to more open, and larger areas such as S.A.W. Research Labs. There are two exhibits in the museum; The Eternal collection, and the Ephemeral collection exhibits. The Ephemeral collection collects art contest winners into one exhibit while the Eternal collection exhibit collects permanent works of art for all prosperity. There is also a small cafe with an outdoor patio for super animals to relax after appreciating good art.

Goldwood Woods[ | ]

Main article: Goldwood Woods

Goldwood Woods is the second largest area in the game with an area of 9 quadrants. It is a primarily composed of forest land that makes navigation tricky, especially while using a Hamster Ball. Beyond a few cluster of houses and small cargo yard there are few opportunities to find Weapons and Armor, making it a less desirable location to drop to in the early game. It is much better in the late game however as the trees provide plenty of cover and reduce the chances of being seen by enemies. Many players usually don't drop here initially as they prefer going to more central areas on the island.

Murre Woods[ | ]

Main article: Murre Woods

Murre Woods is a taiga-themed location in Super Animal World.

Super Sea Land[ | ]

Main article: Super Sea Land

Super Sea Land is a sea-themed aquarium location.

Past Map Locations[ | ]

Map gif best

Map progression from alpha to v1.8

These locations were either replaced by another point of interest or location, or removed from the game entirely.

S.A.W. Shipyards[ | ]

Main article: S.A.W. Shipyards

A small and dense section of the eastern-most part of the map, the shipyards consist of several cargo containers with lots of cover, and its density makes for several close quarters encounters as well as some hard navigation. Whilst not a common place for the Circle Of Life to spawn the good quality loot spawn rates and density make it a good place to drop and loot in early game, but it can be quite hectic. Since the Shipyards are along the east beaches, Coconuts can easily be found providing for easy health or challenge progress as well as Giant Giant Clams that can be good sources of loot. The purpose of the Shipyards appears to be an area for S.A.W. to handle shipping and receiving cargo.

This location was replaced by Pixile Port in the Version 1.1 update.

References[ | ]

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  3. Ruben on Discord: "They would fly in to Giant Eagle Airlines (on a smaller island to the South) and then ferry to the main island. Giant Eagle Landing was more of a ride. Not all guests could afford to fly an eagle in from elsewhere, but taking a quick fly around the island was more affordable."