Super Animal Royale Wiki

Super Animal Units (SAU) is an unit used to measure the distance. 8 pixels are equal to one SAU. SAU is used to describe range of weapons or their noisiness.

For Reference: The Super Animal World Map measures: 4,608 x 4,608 SAU. Each sub-set of the map, as indicated by the Map Grid (A1, C6, E7, G2, etc.) measure 576 x 576 SAU. Additionally 1 SAU is 0.1524 meters.

Monitor SAU

a screen has 240 SAU (Horizontal) and 135 SAU (Vertical).

Player SAU

From the center point, your characters feet. There is a 120 SAU (Horizontal-left/righ) and 67.5 SAU (Vertical-up/down)