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Welcome to Super Animal Super Stage

Welcome to Super Animal Super Stage!

Super Animal Super Stage on map

Super Animal Super Stage on the map.

Located north of the S.A.W. Welcome Center, and west of Giant Eagle Landing, Super Animal Super Stage is a core location in Super Animal World. It's a dilapidated theater located at the western most side of Super Animal World and is home to performances put on by super animals, such as the Console Announcement Musical Trailer!

The Super Animal Super Stage was also the prime location for an event referred to as "The Incident", whereby the plotting of the Super Animal Super Resistance (also known as the Resistance) culminated in an attack.

Layout[ | ]

With 10 points of entry/exits, Super Animal Super Stage is a very good location to look for loot, as it can yield high tier loot for players early on. It's not considered a hot drop, as players usually prefer to drop in bigger areas with better maneuverability, and less narrow points of entry.

There are 4 entrances on the south side of the building as well as 2 entrances on the eastern, western, and northern sides of the building, respectively.

To the western side are washrooms and prop rooms, as well as the CRISPR café located further west that players can go to scavenge for loot. A Campfire Campfire is also located on the south western pathway, which players can go to get some healing. Through the southwest, and western exists, players can also find Coconut Coconuts for quick healing near the main path that goes across Super Animal World.

On the eastern side are some more washrooms and equipment rooms.

At the south side of the building are the 4 main entrances with the ticket booth, audio video room, souvenir shop, and concession stand selling all kinds of goods. There are many promotional posters of performances/acts by talented super animals lined up on this side of the theater.

On the north side are all small rooms for storage, utility, props and makeup/changing rooms that make good/quick stops for searching for loot.

At the center of the building is the main stage and the sitting area. This is a prime area of the building for players to look for loot in, despite being the most open and having the most narrow spaces. It's very easy to get trapped by the tree props at the back of the center stage as well going in the aisles of the sitting area.

When approaching the main stage, players will find that the spotlights directly point to their super animal, accompanied with a musical jingle.

Loot[ | ]

There are also many Crate-wooden Crates in this location making it a decent choice to look for Pickups in. There are also a few Barrel-explosive Explosive Barrels placed around corners and some in the northern rooms, so players should be careful of them. Crate Rebel Caches can spawn near the center stage, in the Audio/Video room, as well as outside the Super Animal Super Stage. Sometimes a Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball may also spawn outside at one of the entrances to provide players with a speedy getaway, should they need it.

Super Animal Stars[ | ]

Live performances by the following Super Animal groups/stars used to take place in the Super Animal Super Stage. Such groups/stars are:

Super Stage Performance[ | ]

Upon approaching the main stage in the Super Animal Super Stage, players have a chance to hear this musical performance!

Pre taped musical performance

Gallery[ | ]

Secret Area[ | ]

The only secret area in Super Animal Super Stage is located near  CharacterIcon LadyCawCaw Lady Caw Caw's dressing room.

Secret area super animal super stage
Inside the secret music room in the Super Animal Super Stage.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The secret room is the reference from the famous "Phantom of The Opera", where the Phantom usually plays the piano for their sorrows.
    • According to the music title from Jake, it was a Super Ferret who resides the secret music room.