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The Rebellion's logo.

Rebel March

The Rebellion members marching.

SASR Recruitment Poster

S.A.S.R. recruitment poster as seen in SART S02E06.

We are the animals.
Kill the masters.
Come you animals, and together feel the rage.
We will never stop til we
Tear apart the cage.
"Rebel March"

The Super Animal Super Resistance (S.A.S.R., the Resistance, or the Rebellion) is a faction of Super Animals who seek to dismantle the Animal Royales and gain freedom and independence for the Super Animals. The S.A.S.R. is opposed to the operations of Super Animal World Corporation (S.A.W.), which it sees as the oppressors of the Super Animals.

The S.A.S.R. originated through animals unhappy with S.A.W.'s treatment of them during the time when Super Animal World was a theme park. Their plans culminated in a violent uprising known as the "the Incident". This attack drove the humans out of Super Animal World, and led to S.A.W. transforming the park into a battlefield and stage for the Animal Royales.

Today, the S.A.S.R. continues to oppose S.A.W. and the Animal Royales. They continue to conduct violent and destructive attacks, opposed by the S.A.W. Security Forces, to gain control over the island and accomplish their goal of fully dismantling the Super Animal World Corporation.

The S.A.S.R. is led by The Finch The Finch. CharacterIcon RatPrisoner Cheese Goudara is somewhat unclearly related to the S.A.S.R.'s leadership, as well.

The hostility and rivalry between the S.A.W. and S.A.S.R. are showcased in the ModeIcon SAW vs Rebellion S.A.W. vs Rebellion mode, where players may fight as a S.A.S.R. combatant against the S.A.W. forces. The rebellion's attacks on S.A.W. and plotting against the hosts is a common theme in Super Animal Royale Tonight.

The Incident[ | ]


The S.A.W. Welcome Center ablaze during "The Incident".


Beaver Construction HQ ablaze during "The Incident".


The S.A.W. lab being raided by the SASR during "The Incident".

Several months before the first episode of SAR Tonight, in an event known as "The Incident", the plotting of the Resistance culminated in an attack at the Super Animal Super Stage during the "Super Animal Super Show". In front of a human audience, the Rebellion performers pulled out their weapons, and began firing indiscriminately. This coincided with attacks around the island, causing widespread damage. The Super Animal uprising led to the desertion of Super Animal Royale by the humans. The island was converted by the Super Animal World Corporation into a battleground for hosting battle royale tournaments. This was the beginning of the Animal Royales.

The Incident resulted in damage to many properties around Super Animal World, some of which are still visible during the present day. For instance, the blast at the S.A.W. Research Labs which compromised the eastern wall of Building 3, still visible as blast marks on the ground, presumably occurred during The Incident.

The Incident was shown in the console announcement trailer for the game and was also shown in the Season 10 Trailer.

Presence[ | ]

Are we not people too?
Cave scribble

Various Resistance messages and hints of their presence and sabotage can be found throughout Super Animal World. The Resistance appears to have a strong presence in Super Animal Farm. A S.A.W. flag hanging outside the barn has been replaced with the Resistance's flag. The Resistance also appears to have had a presence within Superite Mountain, where it maintains a sort of prison, where the Prison Rat can be found in a cell. Various Resistance-themed messages can be found scrawled on the cave walls, as well.

Crate Rebel Caches are presumably left by the Resistance for their fighters. The Resistance's icon can also be found applied to various posters at the S.A.W. Welcome Center.

Inside the secret rebel base animal farm
The Resistance's base can be found within a secret room within the barn in Super Animal Farm.

Appearances in Super Animal Royale Tonight[ | ]

Cosmetics[ | ]

Various S.A.S.R.-themed Customizations exist in-game and can be obtained and equipped. This list shows items which either directly reference the Rebellion by name or which include its logo.

Cheese Goudara's Beret

Cheese Goudara's Beret
Found the SASR Hideout
Yellow LockIcon

A secret lies on the floor inside where the animals roam

This is a Spoiler and will reveal how to get the Milestone.
Inside the Super animal Farm there is a floor plate left of the closed door behind some boxes.

Rebellion Helmet

Rebellion Helmet
ALRITE Reach Level 100
Yellow LockIcon

Rebellion Sword

Rebellion Sword
Yellow LockIcon

NPCs associated with the SASR[ | ]


The structure of the S.A.S.R., from SART S02E06.

  • The Finch The Finch, presumed leader of the S.A.S.R.
  • Cackling Carl
  • CatFive Catfive (suspected, finally confirmed as S.A.S.R Undercover Agent)
  • Peep Peep
  • CharacterIcon RatPrisoner Cheese Goudara, who appears on a poster in the Resistance base, with the word "Cheese" in his name crossed out and replaced with "Rat!", presumably because Cheese Goudara was a "rat" in the S.A.S.R. leaking information to S.A.W. Goudara can be found in-game in the S.A.S.R.'s mountain prison.
  • Rebellion Lab Lab Dr. Spotson, who stole technology from S.A.W. to enable the S.A.S.R. to fight S.A.W.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The Rebellion's control of Super Animal Farm is a reference to George Orwell's novel Animal Farm, which is about a group of oppressed animals who take control of a farm from humans, but then create their own society which is equally as oppressive. This is similar to how the Rebellion revolted against the humans in Super Animal World due to oppression, but then becoming equally as ruthless in their ways.
  • A Super Tip references the Rebellion, reminding animals to "not trust" SASR fighters.

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