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Scene from a SAR Tonight broadcast.

Super Animal Royale Tonight (SAR Tonight) is a news program in the game's universe. Videos of SAR Tonight episodes were posted to the Super Animal Royale "Store page" on Steam. They were presented as five of the standard video trailers used to provide previews of games on Steam, and were presumably created by Pixile, the same software development company which created Super Animal Royale.

The format of the SAR Tonight program is that of a live sports news broadcast, such as the ESPN program SportsCenter. The two hosts sit at a newsdesk, with a video monitor on the wall behind them. The hosts are Donk Patrick, a Char-donkey.png Donkey character, and Howl Michaels, a Char-monkey-white.png Howler Monkey. These two animated characters share the same art style as the animal avatars of the players in the SAR game. Donk Patrick delivers the news dialog, and Howl Michaels provides commentary. Patrick speaks English (interspersed with occasional natural donkey-calls; their occurrence seems to be an involuntary mannerism), while Michaels speaks in unintelligible monkey-like chatters, although Patrick understands him (and, if one listens closely, one can distinguish, in the monkey-chatter of Michaels, the corresponding English syllables of the words that Patrick interprets).

Most of the duration of an installment of SAR Tonight is used to replay a series of video clips of recent SAR matches. These matches feature members of the online-gaming public, and seem to have been recorded by them, themselves, and then submitted to Pixile. Several clips seem to feature segments of the gameplay of gamers who are live-streaming their gameplay, on a website such as Twitch or YouTube.

During their commentary, the hosts of SAR Tonight refer to the in-universe geography, culture, and history of the SAR game world. Patrick often mentions the island, where the game is set, and he describes the closing of one of its main attractions: the Super Animal World Safari Park.


Prizes to be won!

The following cosmetics are the rewards for participating and being chosen to be included in an episode of SAR Tonight. The winners may claim a maximum of one winner reward per episode. Players that appear in a featured clip of SART as a member of that person's team whose name appears in the submitted clip are also eligible to win a prize.

Umbrella base SARtonight-resources.assets-2346.png

SAR Tonight Umbrella
Winner/Participant Reward

Melee reporter-resources.assets-4426.png

SAR Tonight Microphone
Winner/Participant Reward

Clothes tshirt SARtonight logo.png

SAR Tonight Tee
Winner/Participant Reward

Clothes jacket golden.png

Golden Video Jacket
Winner/Participant Reward

Hat baseball SARtonight-resources.assets-2626.png

SAR Tonight Cap
Winner/Participant Reward

Outfit sart hoodie.png

SAR Tonight Hoodie
Winner/Participant Reward

Gun m16 sart.png

SAR Tonight M16
Winner/Participant Reward

Past Rewards[]

Past rewards for players participating in featured clips of Super Animal Royale Tonight.

Clothes tshirt silhouette tiger.png

Tiger Silhouette T-shirt
All Participants of Season 1 Eps 1&2 of SART Get

Clothes tshirt silhouette fox-resources.assets-4489.png

Fox Silhouette T-shirt
All Winners of Season 1 Ep 3 of SART Get

Clothes tshirt print Donk.png

Donk Tee
Winner/Participant Reward from SART Season 1 Ep 1 until SART Season 2 Ep 3

Clothes tshirt print Howl.png

Howl Tee
Winner/Participant Reward from SART Season 1 Ep 1 until SART Season 2 Ep 3

Hat helmet rebellion-resources.assets-468.png

Rebellion Helmet
ALRITE Level 100
or given to players who played a rebellion member in Season 1 Ep 3

Clothes SAWguard.png

SAW Security Uniform
or given to players who helped film escape scene in Season 1 Ep 4

Hat helmet SAW-resources.assets-3265.png

SAW Helmet
ALRITE Level 50
or given to players who helped film escape scene in Season 1 Ep 4

Season 1 Episodes[]

# Episode Name Release Date
1 Early Access Begins Tonight 12 December 2018
2 Howl Strikes Back 14 January 2019
3 Friends of a Feather Fight Together/Birds of a Feather (Kill Together) 16 April 2019
Teaser: Clip Submissions Open 24 May 2019
4 The Fight Goes Underground 21 June 2019
5 Barn to be Wild 27 August 2019
6 Hee-haunting Howl-aween 25 October 2019
Teaser: Clip Submissions Open 16 November 2019
7 The Night Before CRISPRmas 13 December 2019
SAR Super Special Report: Unidentified, Giant Specimens Spotted on the Island 6 March 2020
Super Animal Royale Tonight: Where are Donk and Howl? 27 March 2020
Super Animal Royale Tonight Season 1 Recap 11 November 2020

Season 2 Episodes[]

# Episode Name Release Date
1 The Stage is Set 3 December 2020
2 How the Finch Stole CRISPRmas 17 December 2020
3 No Such Thing as a Shore Thing 31 May 2021
4 You Can Never Have Too Mini 25 August 2021
4.5 Mini Episode: Howloween Special: Doctor Dogna's Monster 15 October 2021
5 One Dam Thing After Another 13 December 2021


  • The names of the hosts, Donk Patrick and Howl Michaels, are allusions to the prominent real-world sports journalists Dan Patrick and Al Michaels, although the SAR characters do not impersonate their namesakes.
  • The in-universe store Earporium sponsored episode 2 of SAR Tonight; the Earporium is a location that players will find in the S.A.W. Welcome Center.
  • At least one broadcast of SAR Tonight was violently interrupted by animals who claimed to represent the Super Animals Super Resistance.
  • The in-universe factory Super Milk Bar that sponsors episode 5 is located in the Super animal farm. This advertisement was used to announce new content (the Super Cow and its breeds) from the next game update.
  • In Season 2, Episode 3. Another Joe Cluck which is Super Black Chicken has been assigned to the beach while the original Joe Cluck notices it and feel in deep sadness wonder why they decided to use another one instead of himself.
    • Later in Season 2, Episode 4.5. After 2 Joe Clucks considering missing when tryto reporting Pixile Port, Howl forcing Dogna to clone another Joe Cluck immedietly resulting malfunction Joe known as Zombie Joe, triggering The Bwoking Dead event.
  • Pixile once again teasing a Grenade Launcher weapon in Season 2 Episode 5 for the second time after the Steam's GOTY 2020 announcement. You can see the gun when Thomas doing the Elbow Drop to his Penguin Assistant.
    • However, Grenade Launcher is finally confirmed to be released at 25th January.