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Developer speaking in-game

SAR Developers are Super Nerds at Pixile Studios that are responsible for designing and developing Super Animal Royale. Their job is to code the base engine from the ideas of the design team, artist team, and user Feedback. They work on task such as character design, level design, animation, and unit testing; they are always working on updating the game with exciting new content. They can be found on the official Discord server where they take users game feedback, collaborate in ideas on occasion, help with game bugs and technical issues. In-game, Developers are distinguished with a Pixile Purple nickname.

Developers[ | ]

  • Michael (Founder, Lead Developer)
  • Clogg (Co-Founder, Lead Developer, Lead Programmer)
  • Bob (Lead Developer)

Developer Items[ | ]

Developer Items are not exclusive to the developers and can still be obtained by players.

Beauty Sloth Beanie

Beauty Sloth Beanie
Clogg's Developer Item

Play 1 game "dressed" as a Beauty Sloth

How to get the Beauty Sloth Beanie Hat
Written instructions:
Play as a Super Sloth and equip a Flower pin and a Dress of any sort

Admin Items[ | ]

Admin Items are exclusive to Pixile Studios Members (Super Animal Developers and Staff) and Super Animal Mods.

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