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Pop up window players will see when first playing Super Animal Royale.

Introduced in Version 0.97.0, Super Animal Accounts are used to support cross-save across multiple platforms such as; Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X&S. Upon launching Super Animal Royale for the first time, players will be greeted with a pop up screen asking if they would like to create a Super Animal Account. The purpose of this is for players on Steam or Xbox One and Xbox Series X&S to claim their saved data onto a Super Animal Account, so should they choose to play on another platform, their progress will be synced. If a player does not plan on ever playing Super Animal Royale on another platform, they can safely skip the entire account creation process. Super Animal Royale does not support account merging, so only one platform's save progress can be associated with a Super Animal Account at a time.

S.A.W. Tickets Currency S.A.W. Ticket.png are platform specific and do not sync between platforms (not cross-platform). So, if a Steam user was to purchases S.A.W. Tickets via the Steam platform, it will only be available for the player to use on the Steam platform.

Progression in the Super Animal Passes and a player's progress in them, syncs between all platforms. Downloadable Content is cross-platform, however each player with a Super Animal Account must purchase the DLC themselves. If a friend was to purchase any of the DLC, and share it to a player via friends share, it will not work, and the player will be asked to purchase the DLC themselves.

SAR Super Account login screen.png

Pop up screen when logging in for the first time after creating a Super Animal Account. Upon logging in for the first time, the player's locally stored data on their device will be erased and be moved onto their online Super Animal Account that they made.