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Super Summer Royale 2020
Summer 2020 royale
Event information
Start date 24 June 2020(v0.95.1)
End date 19 July 2020
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Super Summer Royale 2020 was a recurring Summer event lasting from June 24 to July 19, 2020. The update brought back the customizations from last years event, as well as its own unique items.

Event items could be purchases through the event store window in game using Currency fruitbasket Fruit Baskets earned from playing matches, and legacy items had a 25% drop chance after matches, separate from the regular drops.

Event Shop[ | ]

New Items[ | ]

Event Drops[ | ]

These items had a 25% chance to drop upon completing a match, separate from the regular drops.

Legacy Items[ | ]

Items from Summer Royale 2019 were brought back during this event.

Event Breeds[ | ]

The following breeds were introduced with the start of the event. They are not event-exclusive and can be obtained at a later time.


Super Watermelon Skunk
DNA Skunk300 Super serum 78


Super Pineapple Hedgehog
DNA Hedgehog450 Super serum 120

Gallery[ | ]

Patch Notes[ | ]

See the full patch notes here.