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Super Summer Royale 2019
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Event information
Start date 19 July 2019(v0.88.5)
End date 11 August 2019(v0.88.8)
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Super Summer Royale 2019 was a special event lasting from July 19th to August 11th, 2019. The update brought melee weapon skins and special costumes.

Features[ | ]

  • Squads Test Weekend - from July 19th (12am PDT) to July 22nd (12am PDT).
  • Event drops could be acquired via collection of Currency fruitbasket Fruit Baskets, found during game play hidden around the Super Animal World.

Event Milestones[ | ]

Items would become awarded upon reaching milestones of Currency fruitbasket Fruit Baskets collected.

New Items[ | ]

Patch Notes[ | ]

See the full updates patch notes here.