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Sparrow Launcher
Gun crossbow default.png
Damage 5760
Bullet Speed 185195 SAU/s
Armor Pierce 1
Hamster Ball Pierce 1/3
Spawn Ratio 0.5%
Automatic Semi-Automatic
Shot Interval 0.50s
Rate of Fire 120 RPM
Bullet Type Ammo bow.png Sparrows
Magazine Capacity 4
Reload Time 1 Seconds
Noisiness 125 SAU
Move Speed 105% (33)
Recoil added per shot while stationary or creeping / running 7° / 10°
Min recoil while jump roll / crouch roll 1.5°
Max recoil 30°
Recoil reset per second while stationary / creeping / running 25° / 24.5° / 22°

Weapon statistics[]

The weapon spawns with two boxes of 6 Ammo bow.png Sparrows. The Sparrow Launcher has Epic and Legendary rarities. It has 1 gun sound variant.

The Sparrow Launcher tracks targets when damaged with a Sparrow over their head, as well as giving an indicator on the edges of your screen as to where the tracked target is. These visual indicators can be seen through all terrain. There is no limit on how many targets you can track at once.

All sparrows have 40% armor penetration against armored targets.

The Epic variant tracks the target for 7 seconds, and the Legendary variant tracks the target for 10 seconds.

The reserve ammo is 35. Combined with the ammo loaded into the gun, you have a total of 39 shots.


It is recommended to keep to a safe distance when using this weapon because of the travel time, however it does quite good damage. It works well in a group setting where your allies can follow up on it, dealing extra damage or being able to back off if the tracked target is setting up an ambush.

However, if you are playing solo, it is recommended to pair this weapon with something that has a high fire rate with a moderate range, such as the pistol or AK, to be able to follow up and make use of the tracking function. Keeping this weapon out while you're walking around can help, as you wont have to switch to the weapon and then switch back to follow up on it, but be careful in close quarter areas.

You can also use this weapon as a determent of sorts, as tracked targets are less likely to take risks in a firefight, or close to a firefight. You can track one target, and then let your allies deal with the tracked target while you try to track another, or switch to your other weapon and assist them.

Damage based on distance[]


Gun crossbow default.png

Default Sparrow Launcher
Available to all players

Orange Sparrow Launcher.png

Orange Sparrow Launcher
2 Sparrow Launcher kills

Green Sparrow Launcher.png

Green Sparrow Launcher
5 Sparrow Launcher kills

Blue Sparrow Launcher.png

Blue Sparrow Launcher
10 Sparrow Launcher kills

Red Sparrow Launcher.png

Red Sparrow Launcher
20 Sparrow Launcher kills

Purple Sparrow Launcher.png

Purple Sparrow Launcher
35 Sparrow Launcher kills

Yellow Sparrow Launcher.png

Yellow Sparrow Launcher
50 Sparrow Launcher kills

Pink Sparrow Launcher.png

Pink Sparrow Launcher
70 Sparrow Launcher kills

White Sparrow Launcher.png

White Sparrow Launcher
100 Sparrow Launcher kills

Patch History[]



  • Weapon introduced