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Sneaking is an action performed by holding down the "Creep (Sneak Quietly)" action, by default CtrlPC PS4 Left StickPS XboxOne Left StickXbox/Switch Switch Left StickJoy-Con.

Sneaking allows a Super Animal to make less noise and have a better Icon Guns Gun stability at the cost of slower movement speed.

Icon Powerups Super Powerups like the Attach-clawshoes Claw Boots and the Attach-ninjashoes Ninja Booties benefit from sneaking. Sneaking with the Claw Boots will reduce the amount of noise made by a player's movement[verify]. Since the noise a player makes while having the claw boots equipped is increased, this helps them to reduce the amount of noise they make while having them equipped. Similarly with the ninja booties equipped and sneaking toggled, an enemy player would be very hard to hear from another players perspective.

Super Creep Roll[ | ]

Main article: Super Jump Roll

The Super Animal can sneak in tandem with a Super Jump Roll (executed with Space) to perform a quieter but slower dodge roll.

Sniper, Rifle and Dartfly Zoom-out[ | ]

Sneaking while having a Gun-sniper grey Sniper, Gun rifle grey-resources.assets-1277 Hunting Rifle or Dogna's Grey Dart Fly Dogna's Dartfly Gun equipped provides an additional 15% zoom out (Sniper) and 10% zoom out (Hunting Rifle and Dogna's Dartfly Gun), which allows players to see further and helps with precise, long-range shots.