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Skunk Bomb
Skunk bombUI
Damage 16 / 0.6s
Maximum Damage 224
Damage Radius 30 SAU
Duration 8.4s
Spawn ratio 8.26%
Maximum Carried 5 (6 with Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier)
Noisiness 110 SAU
Move Speed 110%
Move Speed (throwing) 80%
Super Skunk Gas Caused By Skunk Bomb

The effect of Skunk Bombs, Skunk Bomb with white ring is allied skunk gas which won't hurt current animal, red one is harmful skunk bomb

A Skunk Bomb is a throwable that when thrown creates a gas cloud which causes damage over time to Super Animals and Emu idle 000 Giant Emus within its radius.

Details[ | ]

Whether a given Skunk Bomb's gas cloud is harmful can be assessed from the color of the ring that defines the edge of the gas cloud:

  • White border ring means the Skunk Bomb has been thrown by an ally, and it won't cause damage to your Super Animal or Emu idle 000 Giant Emu
  • Red border ring indicates either self-thrown Skunk Bomb or a Skunk Bomb thrown by an enemy which will hurt your Super Animal and Emu idle 000 Giant Emu.

The damage dealt is the following:

  • Skunk Bomb deals 16 points of damage per tick (every 0.6 seconds) for 14 ticks, making a single Skunk Bomb capable of doing a maximum of 224 damage over 8.4 seconds.
  • Two or more Skunk Bombs in the same area will deal reduced stacked damage considering the following rule:
    • with 2 overlapping enemy Skunk Bombs, each one will only do 70% damage (11 per tick rather than the full 16 damage per tick)
    • with 3 or more, each will only do 57% damage (9 per tick).

Obtaining[ | ]

Players can hold at most 5 Skunk Bombs, or 6 with the Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier.

  • Skunk Bombs are unobtainable in ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The Bwoking Dead.

Super Milestone Rewards[ | ]

Main article: Super Milestones

Three Customizations can be unlocked by reaching milestones of Skunk Bomb damage.

Clothes tshirt skunk

Skunk Bomb Tee
50 Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt

Moustache noseclip

Skunk Nose Clip
250 Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt
Yellow LockIcon

Hat skunk

Skunk Hat
1,500 Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt
Yellow LockIcon

Patch History[ | ]


  • Lowered the damage output of stacked skunk bombs with 2 bombs dealing 22 damage per tick and 3 or more dealing 9*(amount of skunk bombs) damage per tick.


  • Skunk Bombs now display a ring to make their area of effect clearer, and to help distinguish between player's allies’ bombs that won’t hurt them (white ring) and ones that will hurt them (red ring).
  • ModeIcon Bwoking Dead Skunk Bombs no longer spawn.


  • ModeIcon Bwoking Dead Skunk Bombs now have a 40% reduced spawn rate.
  • ModeIcon Bwoking Dead The maximum carrying capacity for Skunk Bombs has been reduced to 3 (or max 4 with the Attach-bandolier Super Bandolier).


  • Grenades, Skunk Bombs, Bananas, and Super Tape now visually show 2-packs when dropped. (Used to show 1 when 2, and 3 when 3 or more.)


  • Duration increased to 5.4s from 4.2s (2 additional damage ticks.)



  • Added Skunk Bombs to Mole crate drop table.
  • Now has 3-pack visual.


  • Hit-sound added when damaging enemies.


  • Added Skunk Bombs which produce Super Skunk Gas.