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Skunk Bomb
Skunk bombUI.png
Damage 16 / 0.6s
Maximum Damage 224
Damage Radius 30 SAU
Duration 8.4s
Spawn ratio 9.76%
Maximum Carried 5 (6 with Bandolier)
Noisiness 110 SAU
Move Speed 110%
Move Speed (throwing) 80%

The effect of a Skunk Bomb.

A Skunk Bomb is a throwable that creates a small radius of Super Skunk Gas which causes damage over time to Animals. This is separate from the Super Skunk Gas which spreads from outside of the Circle of Life.


  • The Skunk bomb does 16 points of damage per tick (every 0.6 seconds) for 14 ticks, making a single skunk bomb capable of doing a maximum of 224 damage over 8.4 seconds.
  • Two or more skunk bombs in the same area will do stacked damage.
  • Skunk bombs do not damage structures, only players.
  • Similarly to Grenades, when used in Duos or Squads mode, Skunk Bombs will only damage the thrower and hostile Animals. This means an ally's Skunk Bomb radius is safe to be in.

Super Milestone Rewards[]

Main article: Super Milestones

Three pieces of Apparel can be unlocked by reaching milestones of skunk bomb damage.

Clothes tshirt skunk.png

Skunk Bomb Tee
50 Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt

Moustache noseclip.png

Skunk Nose Clip
250 Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt

Hat skunk.png

Skunk Hat
1,500 Skunk Bomb Damage Dealt

Patch History[]


  • Duration increased to 5.4s from 4.2s (2 additional damage ticks)


  • Damage interval increased to 0.6s to match the new Poison Dart Gun


  • Added Skunk Bombs to Mole crate drop table
  • Now has 3-Pack visual


  • Hit-sound added when damaging enemies


  • Added Skunk Bombs which produce Super Skunk Gas.