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Season 2 Episode 7
SART S02E07 To Get to the Other Side
To Get to the Other Side
Release date 23 September 2022(v1.6)
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SAR Tonight Season 2 Episode 7, named "To Get to the Other Side" is an episode that aired on September 23th, 2022.

Plot[ | ]

This episode follows up with Peep Peep and the Joe Cluck Joe Cluck. It starts with a kindhearted montage of Peep Peep sharing quality time with the Joe Clucks. They share moments like having fun on the beach, fishing in Pete's Swamp and traveling together throughout Super Animal World, and taking a Mini Chicken dropped by a Slow Food shipment as their pet. Shortly after befriending the Mini Chicken, they take a selfie and return to camp to eat marshmallows together. When this montage comes to an end, the music becomes grimmer; instead of saying "friend of a feather flock together" to saying "friend of a feather die together," this dream turns into a nightmare of Peep's trauma of getting separated from the Joe Clucks which scares her enough into waking up and feeling immense frustration due to being separated from the friends she cares a lot for.

When the Super Animal Royale Tonight Starts, the reveal of new items in the SAW shop is shown off, along with the reveal of the Super Peacocks, that CharacterIcon Ms MacAwesome Ms. MacAwesome has ability to speak, and the Dartfly gun, which Peep Peep uses to infiltrate the studio.

During the Super Animal Royale Tonight Line segment, it is revealed that the Dot that used to be at the docks of Welcome Center has vanished. While this segment of Super Animal Royale Tonight Line is going on, Peep Peep sneaks into the studio that the Joe Clucks are captive at to try to rescue them, only to be intercepted by CatFive Catfive causing them to get into a duel which makes the Joe Clucks hold each other and watch in fear. While fighting, CatFive Catfive asks Peep Peep what her intentions are with the Joes, and if The Finch The Finch knows what she's doing, this fight moves into the stage area, interrupting the conclusion of the Super Animal Royale Tonight Line segment for the Dot. When Peep Peep parries CatFive Catfive and attempts to deliver a final blow, CatFive Catfive suddenly pulls out a Gun-magnum grey Magnum and shoots Peep Peep causing her to die and turn into a box of chicken nuggets. Peep's last word to the Joe Clucks was "sorry."

When the Blooper Scooper section of the show ends, the Joe Clucks can be seen mourning the loss of Peep Peep. Rebellion Lab Lab Dr. Spotson sees the fight on YouTube and makes a DNA clone of Peep Peep that gets launched to the surface. When this scene returns to the Joe Clucks, a pair of Zombie Joes come across their camp, the Joes don't know better and try to be friendly with them, but this leads to one of the zombie Joes exploding, which causes the Super Orange Chicken of the two Joes to get killed off and making the default Joe Cluck Joe Cluck runs away abandoning the Mini Chicken at the camp. Once Joe Cluck Joe Cluck stops at Pixile Port to catch a breath after running away, they stumble across the Peep Peep Clone, who nearly tries to shoot them at first but can't bring herself to do it. When the clone Peep Peep lets Joe Cluck Joe Cluck leave, she gives them a can of health juice which causes the Joe to tear up since it was the kind gesture the original Peep Peep did with Joe Cluck Joe Cluck when they first met. During the post credits scene, CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels apologizes to CatFive Catfive for being so hard on them. During this moment between the, the Rebels and the The Finch The Finch show up a the back door of the studio and The Finch says "hello." After the credits Joe Cluck Joe Cluck can been seen wearing fake moustache and trench coat at the front of the tourist boat from SART S02E05 assuming that he's finally escaping and lives along with humans for now.

Cast[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • Peep's Melee weapon is a Selfie Stick Melee weapon.
  • Peep Peep become a box of chicken nuggets.
    • Cloned Peep Peep somehow still remembering her previous moments with Joe Cluck therefore holding her insist to attacking him.
  • The Dot was acknowledged in this episode.
  • The Pixile Studios YouTube channel can be seen on Dr.Spotsons's computer.

Notes[ | ]