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Season 2 Episode 6
SART S02E06 A Mole Lotta Trouble
A Mole Lotta Trouble
Release date 24 June 2022(v1.5)
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SAR Tonight Season 2 Episode 6, named "A Mole Lotta Trouble" is an episode that aired on June 24th, 2022.

Plot[ | ]

The Mole Delivery Moles in this episode are seen doing their daily job delivering crates to the surface, packing items up for delivery, socializing in the break room, training younger moles on how to toss crates properly, along with creating new moles through CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna's DNA pods. When the last DNA pod is brought on screen, the Giant Star-nosed Mole named Twinkle is revealed as a young mole. This mole appears to have an abnormally large apatite, eats both its caretaker's food, throws crates with extreme strength, and fails to weigh a mole crate. After this, the caretakers of hand of the Giant Star-nosed Mole to Dogna, where she lies about taking care of them and instead chooses to lock the Giant Star-nosed Mole behind a vault door.

During the SAW vs. Rebellion animated section, The Finch The Finch can be seen riding a Emu battle Battle Emu with rebels capturing a flag and a SAW-Logo Super Animal World commander guiding his forces to capture the flag. During this conflict, the  Rebellion Lab Lab Dr. Spotson can be seen tapping their foot to the Rebel theme to signal a mole to assist them in stealing Dogna's DNA pods and Super serum Super Serum from the research lab to produce their Super Animals to fight for the Rebels.

Back at S.A.W. Security HQ, the dogs in the planning room can be seen barking loudly among each other likely arguing, and the SAW captain draws their attention to the planning board, revealing Peep Peep is among their targets.

While all of this is going on, Peep finds a wanted picture of himself for a reward of Currency S.A.W. Ticket 2000 SAW tickets; after seeing this, Peep tries to help sneak both of the Joe Clucks into SAW Studios, but another Joe Cluck greets them at the door, and all three of them faint from shock. CatFive finds all three of the Joe Clucks and brings them into the studio, trapping them in cages. CatFive reveals to the Joe Clucks that they are only allowed out one at a time, likely because their learning of each other's existence causes them to faint initially. While trapped in the cage, CatFive reveals that they intend on eating two of the three Joe Clucks. After returning from the Superest kills segment, CatFive is seen preparing a table to get ready to eat a Joe Cluck

During the segment with CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna, she reveals a new animal; this animal turns out to be the Super Lizard Super Lizard. This same Lizard causes Dogna trouble throughout the lab after being told to get back in the DNA pod. Once the blooper segment is complete, we return to a scene with Dogna struggling to catch the Super Lizard Super Lizard, which eventually ends with the Lizard stepping on the computer keyboard, which verifies if they would like to open Cell D. When asked for verification, Dogna begs the Super Lizard not to hit enter, but it does anyway leaving Dogna frustrated. Once Cell D is opened, it is shown that it contains a now fully grown Giant Star-nosed Mole that digs its way out of its cell and begins causing havoc on the island.

During this Howl Michaels prevents CatFive from eating a Joe Cluck, and they make them go into the battle with the SAW forces to report on the scene. During this, the Joe Cluck dies, and Peep witnesses it, causing them to run away distressed at seeing a Joe Cluck turned into a chicken dinner gravestone.

Cast[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • The Giant Star-nosed Mole is revealed to be named Twinkle.
  • The Rebellion Lab Lab Dr. Spotson taps its foot to the beat of the Rebel March theme to signal a Mole to assist them.
  • The Mole helping out the Rebels is shown to have a custom delivery mole hat the the rebel insignia on it.
  • CatFive has Health Juice that comes in a wine bottle and uses Banana Forker for utensils.
  • The Super Iguana can be seen when Dr. Jennifer Dogna is trying to capture the Super Lizard
  • The revamped version of S.A.W. vs Rebellion in Version 1.4 was initially going to be released along with a new episode of SART where the S.A.S.R. and SAW-Logo Super Animal World's conflict would have escalated into a full-on war. However, due to the outbreak of war in Ukraine in real life, this episode was cancelled. Michael released a post explaining the cancellation of this SART episode. This episode replaced the planned episode, with a toned down version of the SvR introduction.

Notes[ | ]