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Season 2 Episode 5
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One Dam Thing After Another
Release date 13 December 2021(v1.2)
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SAR Tonight Season 2 Episode 5, named "One Dam Thing After Another" is an episode that aired on December 13th, 2021.

Plot[ | ]

The Busy Busy Beavers are shown cleaning up Super Animal World after an Animal Royale, and preparing for CRISPRMas. Peep Peep hitches a hide on a beaver's cart of Currency Cane Candy Canes, and makes it back to the Beaver Construction HQ. Meanwhile, CharacterIcon ThomasSledison Thomas Sledison is trying to get his assistant not to eat his Gun minigun gingerbread Gingerbread Miniguns.

The beaver in the cart notices Peep, and attempts to call security, but Peep kills them. Peep leaves the scene and takes the place of a Beaver in the workshop who is called away. The beaver beside Peep explains that if the beavers do not hit their numbers, they are put in the Animal Royales.

Meanwhile, the driver of the cart notices that his companion is dead, and swears revenge when he notices Peep's Rebellion hat. He visits Thomas, who gives him the gingerbread minigun, only for a beaver to announce that the Animal Royale would resume soon. Thomas and the other beavers retreat underground, while the cart's driver chases Peep with his minigun, but runs out of time. Peep retreats into a tent with Donk and Howl, while the driver fails to make it underground in time. The driver is put into the Animal Royale with the other Super Animals, where he is able to kill a Char-raccoon Super Raccoon with a Gun-shotgun grey Shotgun, but in his glee is killed with a Gun-sniper grey Sniper.

Cast[ | ]

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Notes[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This is the first episode where some of Super Animals are given their own unique animalish voice which is voiced by Content Creators.
  • This is the only episode where it showing the gameplay, mostly by Clogg.