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Season 2 Mini Episode 4.5
SAR Tonight S2 E4.5 promo art
Howloween Special: Doctor Dogna's Monster
Release date 15 October 2021(v1.1)
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SAR Tonight Season 2 Mini Episode 4.5, named "Howloween Special: Doctor Dogna's Monster" is a mini episode that aired on October 15th, 2021.

Plot[ | ]

This video starts off with Donk Patrick and Howl Michaels checks in with Joe Cluck, but realizes that he is missing from Pixile Port. Howl Michaels then leaves the set to Doctor Dogna’s room. Howl asked Dogna where cluck is, and she doesn’t know. Howl then asks Dogna to make a new Joe Cluck, Dogna says It’ll be a few days. Howl then proceeds to tell Dogna he doesn’t have days and needs a new one now. Dogna then takes chicken DNA, a suit, a microphone, and super SUPER SUREM and pours them together. Then Dogna puts in a whole chicken, then the mixture starts to bubble then out comes a Joe Cluck. Joe then wonders where the cluck he is. Howl thanks Dogna for her work, then tells Dogna to bring him to Pixile Port. Joe cluck then starts to cluck menacingly. Dogna cowers in fear but Joe just coughs out a feather, and then poofs into red bwoking chicken. The bwoking chicken tries to attack Dogna but misses. A black lab scientist walks in and kills the red bwoking chicken. After that the black lab turns in to a bwoking chicken and the red bwoking chicken comes back to life. Doctor Dogna then runs out of the lab. The chickens escape the lab and start a bwoking outbreak, everyone starts to turn into the bwoking chickens. Every one gets chased and becomes infected with the bwoking virus. Dart the Rat hides in his cell during the outbreak. Three chickens see this outside their tent and two pass out and another closes the tent. The werewolf then howls then turns into one of the cluckes. Then a warning saying the Cluckles are spreading rapidly. Avoid all Zombie Joes and wait for evacuation. May Banan have mercy on us all. The Cluckles are then seen in Pixile Port then it shows the new limited game mode, The Bwoking Dead. The video ends with one last cluck.

Cast[ | ]

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