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Season 2 Episode 1
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The Stage is Set
Release date 3 December 2020(v0.96.4)
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SAR Tonight Season 2 Episode 1, named "The Stage is Set" is a Super Animal Royale Tonight episode that aired on December 3rd, 2020.

Plot[ | ]

As CatFive Catfive is cleaning S.A.W. Studios, Super Animal World forces surround the building. CatFive cautiously greets the security forces, afraid that they are there to investigate them, possibly for planting the Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mine in the previous season that led to the hosts being ambushed by the Super Animal Super Resistance. Instead, though, it is revealed that the security forces are there simply to protect the hosts, who are jumping off from Jimmy Talon's back.

CatFive is not free from suspicion, however. Although CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick is simply concerned about whether Catfive had pressed his suit, Howl gestures to CatFive that they have their eyes on them.

The hosts, back in their suits, begin a report on "a true menace" on the loose on Super Animal Island, before cutting to the Superest Kills segment. After the segment ends, a commercial for CharacterIcon Ms MacAwesome Ms. MacAwesome's S.A.W. Shop is shown. After the commercial, Donk continues his report: the menace is the Super Animal Super Resistance, who are "coming" for the viewer, and also for Donk. He cuts to Joe Cluck Joe Cluck, who is interviewing The Finch The Finch.

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