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Release date 12 December 2019
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SAR Tonight Season 1 Episode 7, named "The Night Before CRISPRmas", was aired on December 12th, 2019. This is the last normal episode of Season 1, although two "Special Report" episodes (Episode 8S and 9S) were released afterwards.

Plot[ | ]

After being ambushed by the Rebellion in the last episode, the hosts escape in Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Balls with the help of CharacterIcon ThomasSledison Thomas Sledison. In this episode, the hosts finally reach Thomas's Workshop in Thomas's Tundra, where Donk asks Thomas if they have any broadcast equipment.

Now safely at Thomas's Workshop, the hosts properly introduce themselves. They ask Thomas, who is busy working on a Gun-thomas gun grey Thomas Gun, to introduce himself as well. A young Char penguin-resources.assets-1596 Super Penguin chick peeks out of a gift box nearby, and asks if Donk is their "mama". Donk, occupied with having to pacify the young chick, begins the "Superest Kills" segment.

When the hosts return, they check in with "the irreplaceable" Joe Cluck Joe Cluck... or rather, another of Joe's clones, as the previous Joe was shot while reporting from the Super Shooting Gallery. This time, Joe is a File:Char-black chicken.png Super Black Chicken. This Joe Cluck is at Lake Slippity. Joe slips back and forth over the slippery lake ice while surrounded by Char penguin-resources.assets-1596 Super Penguins, finally slipping a great distance, causing the hosts to cut the show back to them.

After the "Blooper Scooper" segment, the workshop is full of Super Penguins who are the penguin chicks' "friends". Donk introduces the episodes' sponsor, Super Penguin Palace, "the coolest place to stay". Literally - because it's freezing in there. As Donk is about to finish introducing the sponsor, Thomas throws a weapon prototype at them. Thomas, working on the Thomas Gun prototype, is being distracted by the Penguins.

Donk checks back in with Joe Cluck, who is also surrounded by Super Penguins. While Joe is saying that the penguins are cute and this is the best day of their life, the penguins pull out guns and shoot at them. The penguins and the chick in the workshop also pull out guns, revealing that they are all part of the Super Animal Super Resistance. Surrounded, the hosts think they have no escape, and Thomas is completely engrossed in his work. Just in time, Jimmy Talon drops a rope down the fireplace in the workshop, allowing the hosts to escape. Thomas, having completed the Thomas Gun, finally realises that the penguins are Rebellion fighters, and begins shooting at them, just as the episode ends.

Special Report Episode 8S[ | ]

Named SAR Super Special Report: Unidentified, Giant Specimens Spotted on the Island. Donk reports that there has been "unauthorised release of valuable company property". Two rebellion members are shown to be opening a cage, releasing a Giant Emu. The rebellion members then ride the emu and escape. Donk advices anyone who has seen the rebellion members to report them to the closest S.A.W. Security Forces office, and also advices that if anyone sees anything like the Giant Emu "not to feed, pet, bludgeon or especially ride" them.

Special Report Episode 9S[ | ]

Named Super Animal Royale Tonight: Where are Donk and Howl? A special "on vacation" episode of SAR Tonight. The "hosts", Joe Cluck Joe Cluck (or rather, a Char chicken red-resources.assets-2349 Super Orange Chicken version of Joe) and CatFive Catfive reports from S.A.W. Studios. They report their top story, which is that Donk and Howl have not been seen since their escape from a rebel gang weeks ago. Just as Joe Cluck, imitating Donk, tries to introduce the "Super-est Kills" segment, he is killed by a giant pot falling through the ceiling. Joe turns into a Chicken Dinner gravestone. The program shows a number of social media posts showing Donk and Howl literally on vacation, visiting several places across Super Animal World. Donk and Howl are shown parachuting from the Super Eagle into the protection of the S.A.W. Security Forces, and they go for a ride on a Giant Emu. The special episode ends with showing Catfive taking a bite from Joe's Chicken Dinner grave.

Cast[ | ]

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