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Season 1 Episode 5
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Release date 27 August 2019
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SAR Tonight Season 1 Episode 5, named Barn to be Wild, was aired on 27 August 2019.

Plot[ | ]

The SAR Tonight hosts, CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick and CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels, are back in S.A.W. Studios, after escaping from the Rebellion prison in the last episode. They are now protected by S.A.W. guard dogs.

After the "Superest Kills" segment, Donk begins an introduction, but is interrupted by a guard dog barking at CatFive Catfive. After Howl gets the dog to stop, Donk continues introducing SART's new "embedded correspondent", Joe Cluck Joe Cluck. Joe Cluck is surrounded by fighting animals at Super Animal Farm, and is panicking in fright. Joe flees as a Char cow-resources.assets-4835 Super Cow chases after him with a Gun-ak grey AK, and the hosts cut to the "Blooper Scooper" segment.

After the segment, the hosts introduce the sponsors of the episode: Super Milk Bar, which produces Super Milk genetically modified to produced 18 different flavors, including Chocolate, Strawberry, Stinky Tofu, and Banan. Super Milk Bar also produces Super Cheese, Super Yogurt, and Super Ice Cream. During the sponsor segment, the guard dogs seem to repeatedly get alerted by something. The hosts check back with Joe Cluck, who is still panicking and surrounded by fighting. He flees through Super Animal Farm, narrowly escaping threats like Grenade-new Grenades and the Super Skunk Gas. Donk exclaims that Joe has won the Royale, being the last animal left on the field. In their glee, Joe begins the Default Dance, but is then shot from off-screen by a Char-raccoon Super Raccoon with a Gun-sniper grey Sniper, who celebrates becoming the true winner.

As the episode ends, CatFive Catfive approaches the desk of the SAR Tonight hosts after they have left, and tosses a Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mine on it, which begins blinking menacingly.

Cast[ | ]

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Trivia[ | ]

  • This episode was the first appearance of the Cat Mine Lucky Cat Mine. It did not end up in the game until v1.7, 3 years later.