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Season 1 Episode 3
SART Season 1 Episode 3
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Release date 16 April 2019
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SAR Tonight Season 1 Episode 3, named Friends of a Feather Fight Together/Birds of a Feather (Kill Together), was aired on 16 April 2019.

Plot[ | ]

The episode begins with the hosts, CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick and CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels, reporting from the back of the Giant Eagle Jimmy Talon, presumably because the hosts have escaped from the studio after the Rebellion attacked them there in the last episode. Donk explains that the episode was brought to you by Beakeasy, the island's "seediest" nightclub... because the place is covered in seeds. He urges the audience not to miss the performances of amazing songbirds like Lady Caw Caw and Blue Jay Z. Just as he is about to complete his introduction to Beakeasy, a plunger is thrown on the hosts' crate serving as a makeshift table. Donk deploys his umbrella and jumps from the Giant Eagle while Howl cowers. Rebellion members move in on Howl. Just as they throw a Grenade-new Grenade onto the crate, Howl also jumps from the eagle. A blast is heard offscreen as he leaves. The hosts land near the S.A.W. Welcome Center, where they move towards the fountain. Donk explains, out of breath, that the episode has been interrupted by the Super Animal Super Resistance, and have the hosts on the run. As they near the fountain, Rebellion members surround them. Donk ends the episode, saying "we'll be right back".

Episode 4 Teaser[ | ]

In the Episode 4 teaser, Donk and Howl are revealed to be imprisoned in the Rebellion jail in Superite Mountain. While Rebellion guards move about outside their cell, Donk lights a match and quietly assures the viewers that "the show will go on" despite "recent technical difficulties" and urges the viewers to submit their favourite clips, which "they will receive".

Cast[ | ]

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