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Season 1 Episode 2
SART Season 1 Episode 2
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Release date 14 January 2019
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SAR Tonight Season 1 Episode 2, named Howl Strikes Back, was aired on 14 January 2019.

Plot[ | ]

CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick appears with bandages on his head, presumably due to injuries from when the ceiling collapsed on him in the previous episode. The two hosts are now both wearing Bodyarmor level 1  T1 Armor. Donk explains that the episode was brought to you by Earporium, who wishes to remind everyone that they are "all ears"... literally. And that they only sell ears. As Donk is explaining this, Super Animal Super Resistance members creep around outside the studio. The episode ends with CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels grabbing an Gun-ak grey AK from under the desk and shooting at the Rebellion members, scaring them off. The episode ends with a screen explaining that the show has experienced "technical difficulties" and to "please stand by".

Cast[ | ]

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