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Season 1 Episode 1
SART Season 1 Episode 1
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Release date 12 December 2018
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SAR Tonight Season 1 Episode 1, named Early Access Begins Tonight, was aired on 12 December 2018.

Plot[ | ]

CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick introduces the audience to SAR Tonight along with his co-host, CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels. After the "Super-est Kills" segment, he explains that Super Animal Royale is more than just murder and that the hosts are also on the lookout for the most hilarious fights to the death. Following that, the first Blooper Scoopers are shown.

Afterwards, Donk explains that Beaver construction signs have been appearing all around Super Animal World, months after the park closed due to "The Incident". In the background, rebel fighters can be seen surrounding the news building. Oblivious to them, Donk continues the program and states that "what the beavers are up to now, is anyone's guess". Before he can finish his story, the rebels throw grenades at them, collapsing the ceiling and cutting off the feed. The program is interrupted by a screen saying "We Cordially Invite You To Join The Super Animal Super Resistance".

Cast[ | ]

In order of appearance

Super-est Kills[ | ]

  • Raccoon Rampage by Jake Butineau, 0:22
  • World War Zoo by So Many Animals, 0:34
  • Mini Gun Fun Run by Freak_OTRT, 0:39
  • Oh, For Fox Sake by RuSiRu & Kouki, 0:44
  • Snipe Out by Gruxy, 0:54

Blooper Scooper[ | ]

  • He Who Fruits First by xPrinny, 1:20
  • No Time For A Drink by Rendy0, 1:22
  • Rolling Dirty by BronzeJungl, 1:26
  • Royale Ballet by Mango, 1:29
  • Heart Attack by Kouki, 1:32
  • Hamster Ballsy Move by Slofin, 1:34
  • Happy Surprises by RockitSage, 1:38
  • Grenadest Hits by ItsJojo, 1:44
  • Nice to Meleet You by Freak_OTRT, 1:49