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Preparing for a game in S.A.W. Welcome Center!

Welcome center on map

S.A.W. Welcome Center on the map.

Located at the south western most point of Super Animal World, S.A.W. Welcome Center is a core location in the game and where super animals wait for the round to begin in each pre-game lobby. There is so much to see, and do in S.A.W. Welcome Center with points of interest such as: the S.A.W. Studios building where CharacterIcon DonkPatrick Donk Patrick and CharacterIcon HowlMichaels Howl Michaels film episodes of Super Animal Royale Tonight, The Super Walk of Stars (showcasing all the SAW celebrities in Super Animal World) and Super Shooting Gallery (allowing players to test out all the weapons currently available on moving targets in the pre-game lobby} that were both featured in Episode 6, SMOMA (Super Museum of Modern Art), Safari Sundries, and many other unique locations and shops the Welcome Center has to offer! The S.A.W. Welcome Center also features a large fountain in the middle of the Welcome Center with statues of 3 different super animals in the middle of it. By the fountain, players are able to see and talk to CharacterIcon Dr Jennifer Dogna Dr. Jennifer Dogna to learn more about the Char-skullcat Super Skullcat! To the right of the fountain are the famous Party Bush and the No Dancing areas by a Campfire Campfire.

S.A.W. Welcome Center can be considered a hot drop for players to initially drop to, as their are many large and small buildings for players to explore and search for loot in. There are also 4 Super Milestones players can complete in this area! On the northern most side, is the Shooting Gallery where there are moving targets in the middle of the building for players to shoot at, and practice their aim. With 3 points of entry/exits into/out of this building this is a good place for players to look for loot. Be careful of the Explosive Barrels in the back of the building near the north entrance ways! Also on northern side of the S.A.W. Welcome Center is the S.A.W. Studios building where players can see a playback video of a Super Animal Royale Tonight video on a billboard before entering. With 3 points of entry and exits, this building is good for players to quickly search, and move on to another area. There are many Crate-wooden Crates in this building players can destroy to find Pickups should they need them. Also on the northern most side is the pathway leading to Super Animal Super Stage and further east leads to Giant Eagle Landing. On the western and eastern are very small buildings (compared to buildings such as S.A.W. Studios} that are good places to quickly loot and go. It's not recommended to linger in these small buildings too long as it's very easy to be trapped in these areas by enemies. On the southern side of the Welcome Center is the famous SMOMA museum with an outdoor cafe, Cattitude, a cat themed cafe with lots of furniture, Slow Food restaurant, and a small landing where tourists enter Super Animal World by purchasing tickets. These are also good places for players to look for loot, however, it's easy for players to get ambushed in buildings like Slow Food and Cattitude, as there is only one point of entry/exit to get in and out of those particular buildings. Players are sometime able to find a Icon Hamster Ball Hamster Ball near the Crate-wooden Crates at the southern landing which is perfect to make a quick getaway or to outrun the Super Skunk Gas.

The theme song for the park can be heard playing in the pre game lobby. The theme song, and this location changes when a special Events takes place such as Summer Royale, Halloween or CRIPSRmas!

Super Milestones[ | ]

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Clothes tshirt 5points-resources.assets-1204

5 Point Tee
Be a Gallery Target

Clothes tshirt target-resources.assets-698

Gallery Target Tee
Shoot a Gallery Target


Target Gravestone
Shoot a gallery target with a bow

Melee sign

No Dancing Sign

How to get the No Dancing Sign

Written instructions:
1. Set your current emote to either Default Dance, Floss, or Russian Dance.
2. After the game starts, go to the No Dancing Sign at the S.A.W. Welcome Center.
3. Stand in front of the sign and emote.

Gallery[ | ]

Notes[ | ]

  • The welcome center song was remixed for Super Halloween 2019
  • Players will load into the welcome center for the game's lobby count down.