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This article is about a removed location. It's no longer in the game.

Welcome to saw shipyards

Welcome to S.A.W. Shipyards!


S.A.W. Shipyards on the map

Located at the eastern most point on the Map, S.A.W. Shipyards was a core location in Super Animal World. East of S.A.W. Bamboo Resort, and north east of Goldwood Woods, S.A.W. Shipyards is presumed to be the main port in Super Animal World where S.A.W. forces receive their precious cargo from. There are many storage containers (some with both doors opened) spread throughout this area in a sort of maze like pattern making it a great choice for players to scavenge for loot in. Not usually considered to be a hot drop, S.A.W. Shipyards was a underrated place for players to drop initially, as there are many good options to look for loot in this area. Being a very confined area with many Crates, and storage containers blocking off certain ways, close quarters combat (CQC) is highly recommended in this location. There are many Coconuts on the northern side, south most part, and all along the east shoreline for players to take advantage of to recover health if needed.

On the north side of S.A.W. Shipyards lies the main bridge connecting the Shipyards to the rest of the island, a small secluded area of storage containers and many palm trees with Coconuts along the shoreline for players to eat. There are many Crates on the bridge on the northern side for players to scavenge for Pickups. There is a small dock south of the main bridge when heading to the main area of the Shipyards that often spawns a Rebel Caches for players to open. Be careful, as cover is very limited in this area and it's easy to get trapped by enemies on the bridge. On the center and southern most part of the Shipyards lies many storage container and crates placed in a puzzle like pattern marking it more challenging for players to navigate around them. There are many storage containers players are able to go into to look for loot. The main road that connects S.A.W. Shipyards to the rest of the island passes through here as well. On the eastern shoreline of the Shipyards, players can find plenty of coconuts to eat under palm trees and a few wooden docks with loot on them.

This location was replaced by Pixile Port in the 1.1 update.

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